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PhD in Anime Top Contributor 【Share of Today】You Must Watch These In Summer! Anime of Summertime! We are at the end of July, but it seems it's far from the end of summer. Although we hate the heat, summer gives us a ton of great memories! Many anime are also about summertime, and they sure give us the best memories as well![委屈][委屈]
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Favorite Anime of Summertime?

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  • Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

  • Free!

  • Haikyu!!

  • Summer Time Rendering 』

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PhD in Anime Top Contributor 【Share of Today】Be Water! Favorite Ocean Characters! This year is hot as hell, I think we all want to go to the beach and chill. Speaking of beaches, the ocean is a surprisingly common main element in anime and its characters! [暈]
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PhD in Anime Top Contributor 【Share of Today】Let’s Take A Bath, And Enjoy Your Life Like They Do!! Japanese love taking a bath, while showers are a necessary part of everyone’s daily life, the Japanese don’t just take showers, they love soaking in bathtubs.[懵懂]
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ShortcakeShinigami I make anime music videos on Youtube!! Feel free to check them out!! #FruitsBasket #TokyoRevengers #Servamp #BPro #MyHeroAcademia #ThePromisedNeverland #DemonSlayer #BungouStrayDogs #Erased #TokyoGhoul #Amnesia #DiabolikLovers #AngelBeats #Norn9 #Hakuouki #Free! #KoisuruBoukun #BlackButler #YourLieinApril 
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