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PhD in Anime Top Contributor [Share of Today] Sure Looks Tasty! Favorite “Food” Anime!! Food is the first necessity of people, and a good meal is what anyone would love to enjoy![委屈]
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Favorite “Food” Anime?

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PhD in Anime Top Contributor [Share of Today] Image Them Cook For You 24/7! Favorite “Great Cook” Characters!? Omg, I gained more than a few pounds this winter, thanks to all those delicious meal![大哭]
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Favorite “Great Cook” Character?

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  • Tooru Amuro/Rei Furuya『Case Closed: Zero's Tea Time』

  • Niki Shiina『Ensemble Stars』

  • Sōma Yukihira『Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma』

  • Nino Nakano『The Quintessential Quintuplets』

  • Vinsmoke Sanji『One Piece』

  • Others (Name them in the comment!)

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