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Celebrate Father’s day with fathers in anime.
Elly Official QooApp #FathersDay

I wonder what present I should prepare this year.

Maybe a wallet? A necktie? Or a pair of sunglasses…?

Oh Master! Do you know what day is around the corner?

It’s Father’s Day! 

Remember to give him a call, I believe he misses you.

There are many great dads in anime, can you name one?
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Dyunn Happy Father's Day Happy Father's day😊 To all the best dad out there! even in anime 😂💖 Give a Big Hug To your dad and made their days with celebration!(✿^‿^)🎂 Read Note
Cam_da _otaku BARDOCK #FathersDay  Read Note
Somebody #FathersDay don't let these posts distrac you from the ULTIMATE father : FATHER Read Note
Surprised Satoko most tragic father #FathersDay 
****made it nsfw for spoilers****
goddamn tomoya okazaki
clannad always hits you with the feels
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Yassine Benslimane Don't Forget about The Dad #FathersDay  Read Note
Vagabond "Happy Father's Day" #FathersDay  Read Note
Feno GEORGE JOESTAE #FathersDay  Read Note
Megexy slovak Bunta fujiwara #FathersDay  Read Note
GD Raning #FathersDay happy birthday fatherr(ง๑ •̀_•́)ง Read Note
Ruqaya happy fathers day Mouri samma~ #FathersDay  Read Note
MissYaoiBL Best father in history... #FathersDay 
Furukawa Akio <3
I remember when I watched Clannad, I kept wishing my father could be a tiny little bit cool like him, but my dad is just.......... well, let's not talk about it lol
Anyway, if you love your father, be sure to give him some love, okay?
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Hanadi Ayub #FathersDay DIO BRANDO Read Note
efrempeters #FathersDay  Read Note
ssrMika oh it's #FathersDay ?? well of course I know them... Read Note
Dio Brando #FathersDay  Read Note
Tyson #FathersDay  Read Note
Adhi Jr #FathersDay  Read Note
textfrom appstore My Superhero The father figure is a figure who should be a role model, he is like a superhero for his children. Even though every father has their own way of educating and giving life lessons to their future successors, believe in their little hearts you will always be number 1 pride and happiness. happy #FathersDay everyone Read Note
Poring Card #FathersDay the ending tho  Read Note
雪Yuki Yey-!!💓💓 #FathersDay best dad (¦3[▓▓] Read Note
Basil #FathersDay 
Our adventures not done yet. This world is so vast, there's still many places we haven't visit.
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Saver waiting for Season 2 :D #FathersDay  Read Note
Yeet #FathersDay Sweetness & lightings and kakushigoto the best father and daugther moments ( my opinion 👍) Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor Weekly Hashtag Father's Day #FathersDay #Father #Anime #FullmetalAlchemist #Van #Hohenheim #Light
For this week's hashtag. Elric brothers' father, Van Hohenheim aka. Hohenheim of Light. He's not the best dad in the anime, but I think he's cool and powerful [懵懂]
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