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Follow 10 users and post a screenshot to get a prize!
Elly Official QooApp FOLLOW_USERS Event Result Announcement #FOLLOW_USERS
Hello masters! Sorry for the long wait! I am busy designing the flag for my ACNH island!
Anyway...I'm here to announce the winner of the #FOLLOW_USERS event!
Congratulations to these two lucky masters!
AlthafMyth (16562644)
Ryu (26110966)
Please check in-app notification to get your gift cards!
See you next time!
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Elly Official QooApp #FOLLOW_USERS
How come I only have 1k+ followers?!
I am the one responsible for most of the community job! I should have at least 10k followers!
Master! Are you one of those people that enjoy others' content but didn't like/follow them?!
Come on! We need to be more passionate to content creators and give them support!
Let them have more motivation!
Here, I will hold an event to benefit both readers and creators.
All you need to do is to follow at least 10 users and post a screenshot here! 
Like this:
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ザキングオッパイドラゴン β·Mission Exterminator #FOLLOW_USERS  Read Note
whatsapp status #FOLLOW_USERS 
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Read Note play.google.com All Status Saver for Whatsapp - Apps on Google Play Status Saver For Whatsapp Made Easy With Whatsapp Status Saver App, Save & Share
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20 follows
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