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Woohoo!! FIFA World Cup is coming ⚽️

Which team do you support?

Post a note with hashtag #FIFA2022 to share your favorite team, player, soccer / football related games or anime!

Task: ▶Post a NOTE with hashtag #FIFA2022
(Comment below doesn't count for task rewards)
Reward: ▶ Gacha Tickets*10
Duration: 11/18〜11/25 15:59(GMT+8)

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Elly Official QooApp Woohoo!! FIFA World Cup is coming! Hayya Hayya Hayya, Hayya Hayya Ha ♪
Yoyoyo Yoho! You know we better together…
Woohoo!! FIFA World Cup is coming!
The 1st tournament not to be held in hot weather!
Which team do you support?
Post a note with hashtag #FIFA2022 to share your favorite team, player, soccer / football related games or anime!
Task: ▶Post a NOTE with hashtag #FIFA2022 
(Comment below doesn't count for task rewards)
Reward: ▶ Gacha Tickets*10
Duration: 11/18〜11/25 15:59(GMT+8)
Check my last week's post for my note posting guide ⬇️ 
so that y'all get your reward!
Here are some recommended soccer games you can download:
eFootball™ 2023 by KONAMI
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Ivan Aubertnov Japan is going Blue Lock effec #FIFA2022 
no one can see Japan lose to spain. did you caught that Doan's goal are same as Kunigami deadly left foot strike ???
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Hinata #FIFA2022
I don't really watch sports but I did see Blue Lock Project in the poster thingy sooo I hope Blue Lock Project win [為什麼]
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Luna Jane #FIFA2022 #FIFA2022 Read Note
Lee Shiu Xun #FIFA2022
Favourite anime too many to list but Jujutsu kaisen is the top. Games... Currently playing project sekai and ikemen series
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아ndr아 fifa2022 #FIFA2022 Read Note
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paige g #FIFA2022  Read Note
paige #FIFA2022  Read Note
Calaethus Football is too... noisy and complicated 😂 and I heard pretty bad stuff about the run-up/prep for #FIFA2022 😔 Read Note
結はがま #FIFA2022  Read Note
Olt Memeti #FIFA2022 bb Read Note
MèoLươn #FIFA2022 [開心][開心][開心][開心] Read Note
LoveJoonie #FIFA2022 Spainnnnnnnnn Read Note
TFK Gamezone Wolrd Cup Qatar 2022 #FIFA2022  Read Note
Simp #FIFA2022  Read Note
kxlynai▪︎☆ #FIFA2022  Read Note
kxlynai▪︎☆ #FIFA2022  Read Note
Zenma Faiz HELP saya butuh duit
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Pete1208 Tickets~ #FIFA2022  Read Note
Lívia Shynaider #FIFA2022 [開心] Read Note
Yowaimo #FIFA2022  Read Note
Mizu . #FIFA2022  Read Note
Kenneth Balbuena #FIFA2022 halo Read Note
Gallahan #FIFA2022 leggo Read Note
Marky Mark cool game #FIFA2022 Very nice...Borat Approved Read Note
ToiletOvTim :v #FIFA2022 free tickets  Read Note
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Account_Not_Found Top Contributor Why I skip World Cup 2022 Elly, it is not #FIFA2022 , it's called #2022_FIFA_World_Cup .
#MFR = Made for reading! #QooSports
But why bother...no one else pointed this out anyway......
I assume only 5 Users on QooApp know what FIFA stands for and what EXACTLY they did so Qatar is hosting the World Cup.
For those who have never learnt of the truth yet over the PAST 6 years, please, ENJOY THE WORLD CUP. Just ignore this killjoy.
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Kuro Mon SIDMEN??? #FIFA2022  Read Note
ONEnoodle #FIFA2022 FIFA2022 Read Note
hau #FIFA2022  Read Note


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