Imagine you are at a barbecue restaurant operated by FGO servants. Who will be the chef, your date and the staff?
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Hi master! What do you want for dinner today?

Spaghetti? Pizza? McDonald’s? 

Wrong answer! Today is the “Meat Day” in Japan!

Let’s go and eat at a barbecue restaurant tonight!

Imagine you are at a barbecue restaurant operated by FGO servants. 

Who will be the chef, your date and the staff?

Take a screenshot to check your result and tell me about it!
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Elly Official QooApp #FGO_Restaurant
Here is my result! How can I concentrate on my food when my date is so handsome?! Bakaaaa!
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UMR-san What's for dinner, Chefkandar? Read Note
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Raizael Adolf #FGO_Restaurant 
i bet my date was so great because all character from the same studio[開心]
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Lisara Gozen #FGO_Restaurant 
Sweet~ A date with my waifu~
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namebanned #FGO_Restaurant 
Barbecue with a charming guy
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Hyo Eden #FGO_Restaurant Not bad! Abigail seems like a lovely date and Gawain would be a fantastic waiter, I don't know how good Brynhildr is at cooking though, but, she can't be that bad... Right? [為什麼] Read Note
Fujiwara Sora #FGO_Restaurant njirr :'v Read Note
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Rudy #FGO_Restaurant poison specialist as a chef? guess i'll die Read Note
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Yunchii Yun #FGO_Restaurant 
looks like i have a date with Hentai Artist Daughter this week
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Saffy #FGO_Restaurant 
[驚訝]Why?!! got this. 
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Yunchii Yun #FGO_Restaurant this week date is with Sen Pai
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El Lal #FGO_Restaurant  Read Note
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B1znesmen Luck turned to me)) 
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