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Who is the best anime character with eyepatch?
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Ouch! It hurts! Stupid eyepatch blocking my vision!

Hey master! I didn’t see you there because of my eyepatch!

What? I am not wearing it to be fashionable you baka!

It’s just...I feel like my left eye is about to unleash great power which will destroy this world…

How can those anime characters wear their eyepatches for so long?!

If I have to wear as well I must make it look super cool!

Now, list me some more cool eyepatch anime characters for my reference!
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Who is the best anime character with eyepatch?

Expiry Date: 2019-12-17 20:00 Select One Total Votes: 363

  • Rikka Takanashi, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

  • Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler

  • Megumin, KonoSuba

  • Ken Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul

  • Tengen Uzui, Demon Slayer

  • Alice Schuberg, SAO Alicization

  • Others, see my note!

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Rieyan #Anime_Quiz  Read Note
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Rieyan #Anime_Quiz  Read Note
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Анна Дроздова #Eyepatch Why all of you forget about Torkel? Read Note
Aoi-sama BEATRIX
Read Note
ILoveLoli #Eyepatch  Read Note
Damar Fox #Eyepatch Speaks for its self Read Note
Meow1e #Eyepatch 
Akito is the best
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Vdinator the true #Eyepatch wearing badass Read Note
🆔Yini #Eyepatch  Read Note
MireiHayasaka #Eyepatch 
Mirei Hayasaka from The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage 💞💞💞
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ExelBlaze #Eyepatch why are gals with eyepatch so cute? Read Note
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AmaiYume #Eyepatch [開心] Read Note
Misaki Mitake #Eyepatch  Read Note
Velvyx #Eyepatch 
My boi Leonard from Fire Force! 
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ミルクマギク #Eyepatch
Ahhhh! So cute!
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Edel Weiss Mah boi Lavi Read Note
Kairika #Eyepatch Minene Uryuu ~
from Mirai Nikki
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Gamermoment #Eyepatch Demoman from tf2  Read Note
Imbanutyi Imba #Eyepatch Roronoa Zoro Read Note
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renouw #Eyepatch enjoy [不滿] Read Note
Hafiz Bubut #Eyepatch  Read Note
Don't Forget
My favourite #Eyepatch
(Edit: I know 2,3,4 is not eyepatch, is flashing eyes 😂😂)
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regern #Eyepatch takasugi shinsuke, gintama Read Note
Ota-kun #Eyepatch  Read Note
az #Eyepatch  Read Note
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Kingwalsin #Eyepatch Najenda from Akame ga Kill Read Note


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