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Little Elly can’t reach the big burger🍔, but this must be nothing but a piece of cake to you! Draw something other than a bridge to help Elly, and share it by posting a note with #DrawItLikeThis, and get Gacha ticket*10 while you’re at it ~

[🍔Claim Your Reward Here] ▶Feburary Tasks◀

[🍔Participation Period] 2023.2.24 ~ 2.28 15:59 (GMT+8) / 01:59 (CST) / 08:59 (CET)

Elly Official QooApp I am hungry! And that giant hamburger is looking very tasty, please help~ [委屈]
Draw anything to help me get the burger and post it with #DrawItLikeThis and I will give you Gacha ticket*10 as a reward!
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hau #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Rose #drawitlikethis  Read Note
fluvina .#DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Sugy Anto hmm #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Memory #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Eduardo Núñez #DrawItLikeThis Tickets[哇噻] Read Note
Rachel Event #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Moon #DrawItLikeThis yup Read Note
Rek B #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
ShaDowN #DrawItLikeThis
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mokitashii ayayaay #DrawItLikeThis ayayaay Read Note
mokitashii ayayay #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Maimaimai #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Akram Husnayan do smartwork not hardwork #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
TheBagel #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Kuro Mon Can'tDrawLikeThat #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
CookieMonster Elly get the burger Maybe Flying steps might help Elly get the burger
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Joshua Soya Burger for Elly First thing that came to my mind [汗顏] #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Farraz Gautier Tanod i helped by publishing a note #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note
Oogabooga #DrawItLikeThis  Read Note


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