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The first Splatfest of Splatoon 3 is coming, choose your team yet?

If you can only choose one of the provided items, which will it be?

Elly Official QooApp Heard that you are an anime pro, eh? [害羞]
You must be brave enough to accept Elly’s challenge then!
Comment ↓ ↓ below ↓ ↓ the ACG name and let’s go through the answer next week! [開心]
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习维尼 #DesertIslandItem Can I take my waifu? Let us create civilization! Read Note
Rokusho Doll #DesertIslandItem Being a Puppeteer Master with the idea of also having a certain similar power like King (7 Deadly Sins). There's no rule saying that you're not. Being able to use the Doll to do your all of your deeds and being able to transform to your needs like being a giant comfortable shelter. Read Note
Suki Blue #DesertIslandItem My phone of course! I can call and get us help Read Note
Nova #DesertIslandItem 
Backup Food
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Ronan Meikle Probably a axe because you can cut things down and build shelter, use to defend your self from wild life and also can hammer stuff down if you used the back end of the axe 
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Good or bad idea

Expiry Date: 2022-09-25 19:05 Select One Total Votes: 60

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Deleted User If I was stranded on a deserted island the item I would want to have is a camping tent#DesertIslandItem  Read Note
Severus Snape I need only games to live #DesertIslandItem 
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OrangeDream✨ yup backup food for sure #DesertIslandItem  Read Note
Elly Official QooApp Welcome to the Qoo desert island survival training, I am your leader Elly!
In order to maximize the authenticity of this training, you only can choose one item from below. 
Post a note under #DesertIslandItem or leave a comment to tell us your choice we will prepare it for you~
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