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Post an anime you want to recommend and conclude it in 1 sentence!
Elly Official QooApp #Conclude_The_Anime
Nah, watched this before…

Nah, not interested in this one…

What am I doing you asked? 

Well, as the Christmas holiday is coming and it’s so cold out there, I have decided to spend half of my holiday watching anime at home!

I read some of the description but they are so long and I don’t have time to read them all!

Can you recommend an anime and conclude it in 1 sentence instead?

I will go first!

“Isekai survival with 4 smol brainers while being broke.” - Konosuba
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m mmm #Conclude_The_Anime ببجي الكورية
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Narita Amalia #Conclude_The_Anime first you will find this anime boring, but then you'll get addict -gintama- Read Note
Ferliando Sandra #Conclude_The_Anime heartbreaking in the beginning, more heartbreaking in the end [大哭] Read Note
Ice Bear #Conclude_The_Anime
Anime: new game! (ニューゲーム)
Hifumi best girl ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡
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Ronaa Setyoni #Conclude_The_Anime 
Anime: Bungou Stray Dogs
Great Anime, Worth to watch, i heard its very popular in japan, 10/10 would recom
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Lauw Wijaya #Conclude_The_Anime One piece forever Read Note
Dominik Glonczi #Conclude_The_Anime 
Name: Goblin Slayer
Categories: Gore/Fantasy/Harem
Eps: 12 ( season 2 is coming in 2020)
What is the anime about: The name tells anything :D
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dlxuniuniu xu #Conclude_The_Anime Sauce: New Game!
Cute girls working in a company (Eagle jump) programming games
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Damar Fox #Conclude_The_Anime Basically, super natural anime, with an overpowered main character that can steal other people's abilitys(Charlotte). Read Note
Shiny☆ #Conclude_The_Anime 
Just a cute innocent school life anime.
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Nur Rayhan #Conclude_The_Anime 
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka
Although it's kinda old anime (1998-2000) but the plot was great.
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Saiful Hadi #Conclude_The_Anime 
Asuna (Stacia) , Leafa (Terraria) ,Sinon (Solus)
#Kami Sama
#Kirito AFK
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mista #Conclude_The_Anime 
super wierd, funny, scary, exciting, masterpiece: Hunter x Hunter
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mista #Conclude_The_Anime 
jojo's bizarre adventure:
everything you could ever want in an anime
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Homura Shiei #Conclude_The_Anime 
I thougt it would be light-hearted magical girl story, but it was Madoka all over again.
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Unknown Alien #Conclude_The_Anime 
Ayaya Ayaya Ayaya!!!
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renouw #Conclude_The_Anime good moment in this anime .. Megalo Box [不滿] Read Note
WeeklyHastagMonster #Conclude_The_Anime remember woz from kamen rider zi-o? Read Note
WeeklyHastagMonster #Conclude_The_Anime
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Vilt Overpowered anime tiddies with some extra ass [怪笑]#Conclude_The_Anime  Read Note
FakerCCG #Conclude_The_Anime 
All hail Lelouch vi Britannia
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Vander Ironside #Conclude_The_Anime 
Thorsfinn is really really pissed off.
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Okina Matara #Conclude_The_Anime 
little anime girls fight eachother
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WeeklyHastagMonster #Conclude_The_Anime 
tiger pro wrestler superhero
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chiro the muffin uwu #Conclude_The_Anime
girls play in a band and there is 5 bands
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Hadi Gusty #Conclude_The_Anime
Infinity dirty jokes
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nowlja #Conclude_The_Anime 
nothing but death
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Kingwalsin #Conclude_The_Anime 
Boy cursed with the ability to return to a certain point everytime he dies in another world.
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Yashiroe #Conclude_The_Anime 
Anime that teaches children(students) how to murder an op octopus
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ssrMika Moderator #Conclude_The_Anime 
pretty realistic story of anyone's first crush
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WeeklyHastagMonster #Conclude_The_Anime 
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k9do #Conclude_The_Anime  Read Note


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