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AlubisKun Top Contributor Bring The Character To Real Life #Challenge #TellMe #Anime #Character
Time for an interactive question. If you have the power to bring an anime character to real life and befriend the person, who would you pick? I also want to know why! [懵懂][懵懂]
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Segumi I Challenge You! I call This Domain:
Getting All The Coins is Never an Option
"Kind a long but it works..."
Its Possible and You can Speedrun It, BUT getting all the Coins is near Impossible... 
Traps are Hard and Timing/Skill/Luck is Needed... (Yes Its Gacha)
Tactics and Plans must be good otherwise the time will catch up...
42 coins on Domain, Its up to you if you want to get them all or just do it normally...
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Feelin' Bored On Weekends? #Anime #Challenge 
Don't know what to do or always feel bored on weekends? I believe there must be an anime for your taste! Give me a number between 1 - 200, then I'll give you an anime title to watch to cure your boredom for the weekend! Disclaimer, the number doesn't necessarily relate to any form of rank, so just pick a number that you feel is right! [懵懂][懵懂]
All numbers are matched with a specific series, so try to choose a different one than the other fellows! 
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AlubisKun Top Contributor What's Your Nov Gonna Be #Trend #Emoji #Challenge
Found a trendy challenge on Twitter! Find out what your November is gonna be with the emojis that you've recently used like this picture.
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Who Is Your Savior? #Anime #Challenge #Character #SaveMe
Fun time! One day you walk on a street and a group of thugs show up and kidnap you. At the moment you feel helpless and desperate, one person appears in front of you. The person shouts: "Don't worry! I'm here to save you!". You be like: "Oh man, isn't that person XXX from YYY? I just watched that anime last night!
Tell us in the comment, who is that character? [怪笑][怪笑]
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Its_me_san Meme Lord Meme!!Meme!!Meme #AnimeMeme #Challenge U laugh U get slap .... Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor Can You Figure Out Who That Is? #Anime #Challenge #Character #Tellmewithouttellingme
Fun time, tell me your favorite anime character but DON'T say the name. The goal is to make everyone know who you're talking about so give as many clues as possible! 
Silver hair kid who has the power of using electricity, and he was a professional assassin. He plays yo-yo and skateboard. His best friend has a spiky haircut. This is too easy for you right? [怪笑][怪笑]
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Superpower & Side-effect #Anime #Challenge #Superpower #Side-effect
Fellows, I saw this interesting topic trending on Reddit! Let's play, shall we? [怪笑][怪笑] Say one superpower that you want so badly from any anime, manga, or novel. BUT, the first otaQoo that replies to your comment will pick one side-effect for you [懵懂][懵懂] 
Come on! I wanna see some hilarious (or useless) combination of superpowers!
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ShortcakeShinigami My 12 Favorite Songs!! #My12FavSongs #Anisong2021 #Challenge
I got nominated by @AlubisKun to do this challenge! The songs I chose are either anime openings or atleast by anime voice actors! There were so many songs to choose from so it was abit of a struggle to narrow it down to 12. Had fun though [微笑]
1. Deal With by OldCodex
Read Note youtu.be Servamp Opening - YouTube Servamp Opening 1080pfull HD
AlubisKun Top Contributor My 12 Fav Song Challenge #My12FavSongs #Anisong2021 #Challenge
Just realized that I got challenged by @textfrom appstore [驚訝] This is fun actually. Alright then I'm gonna share some songs of my choice with you guys, not all of them are anime based though. When I was making this post, some of these songs got me goosebumps again [厲害] they're just so good and reminded me of great memories. Thanks to @Account_Not_Found for making this challenge! 
Anyways, it's my turn, I wanna challenge @RPGLover88 and @Omar Talaat to share some of their favorite songs!
1. LiSA - Gurenge (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba)
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Hfg Entertainments Escape Game Challenge - Mystery Carnival.
Are you ready to find the inventory secrets in the panic room? You will definitely enjoy the excitement through this endless carnival. Escape from the Halloween party room by finding the hidden objects. You can complete different levels in a scary and horror atmosphere by Unlock the doors and locks.
#escape #mystery #carnivel #challenge #halloween #party
Play store link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.hfg.halloween.celebration.makeup.pumpkin.ghost.scary.evil.fantasy.escape
Read Note play.google.com Escape Game Challenge - Mystery Carnival - Apps on Google Play Finally, Hidden Fun Games released another fantastic point and click type brainstorming room escape game this Halloween season.<br>Are you ready to find the inventory secrets in the panic room? You will definitely enjoy the excitement through this endless carnival. Escape from the Halloween party room by finding the hidden objects. You can complete different levels in a scary and horror atmosphere by Unlock the doors and locks. <br>This Halloween escape game will increase your memory and logical power. Play strategically with critical move and time to collect a number of magical hidden stars, pumpkin, and unlock the mystery puzzle to complete the challenging levels.<br>STORY: <br>Brito was just returning home from college. A surprise invite for a Carnival party with exciting prizes attracts his attention. Now that you’re all set for the night filled with magic and fun. Visit the House of Secrets, Escape from the abandoned places, and meet Halloween characters. Rescue the trapped characters and befriend them along with your journey.<br>Get ready to experience the best escape game for this Halloween season. <br>FEATURES:<br>30 free new Addicting Levels<br>Explore 70 beautifully illustrated scenes<br>Play unique brain challenging puzzles<br>Save your progress and play on multiple devices!<br>Dive into the unique story-line.<br>Intense background music and sounds!<br>Includes Hints &amp; other tips feature
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