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QooApp News Chainsaw Man’s New Trailer Finally Unveils Cast and Debut in October! Chainsaw Man's Anime is inching ever closer, with the latest trailer revealing the show's cast and a release date of October! Check out the trailer here!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Chainsaw Man's New Trailer Finally Unveils Cast and Debut in October! - QooApp News Chainsaw Man's Anime is inching ever closer, with the latest trailer revealing the show's cast, and a release date of October! Check out the trailer here!
QooApp News Chainsaw Man Unveils New Key Visual and Announces New PV on August 5 Here's hoping we get an official debut date on August 5. I can't wait to see my boy Denji in action!

Read Note news.qoo-app.com Chainsaw Man Unveils New Key Visual and Announces New PV on August 5 - QooApp News The staff behind the Chainsaw Man Anime unveiled a bloody Key Visual, and announced a new PV will be airing this Friday on August 5
QooApp News Chainsaw Man Part 2 Manga Returns on July 13 Can't wait for Denji to finally go to high school!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Chainsaw Man Part 2 Manga Returns on July 13 - QooApp News The Chainsaw Man Manga is coming back! Part 2 of the series will be debuting on July 13, on Shonen Jump +, and Manga Plus, and Tatsuki Fujimoto is releasing a new one shot!
TOPH Chainsaw Man Makima 
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TOPH Chainsaw Man - Woof? Makima
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QooApp News Chainsaw Man Manga Part 2 Reveals Special PV & Summer 2022 Release Chainsaw Man revealed a special PV for the manga’s part two, which will release in summer 2022 on Shōnen Jump+. The series’ anime adaptation will debut in 2022.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Chainsaw Man Manga Part 2 Reveals Special PV & Summer 2022 Release; Anime Premieres in 2022 - QooApp Chainsaw Man revealed a special PV for the manga’s part two, which will release in summer 2022 on Shōnen Jump+. The series’ anime adaptation will debut in 2022.
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today】Top 3 Upcoming Anime Adaptations of Manga in 2022!! #Anime2022 #Oricon #JujutsuKaisen #AttackonTitan #SPY×FAMILY #ChainsawMan 
2021 is near its end, although it's sad that we will say goodbye to the anime that brought us joy in this year, there are more for us to look forward to in 2022!![哇噻]
As Oricon released the ranking of 2021 Manga Sales, I pick 3 of the anime adaptations from the ranking to introduce, they are expecting to be released in the upcoming year. Let's check them out and vote for the one you most look forward to!
「Top 3 Upcoming Anime Adaptations of Manga」 (The list is arranged in order of their Sales : ) 
3. #SPY×FAMILY produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks 
2021 Manga Sales: 4,973,402 copies
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Which one are you most excited for?

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Zeno 4Kai Drawings Part 2!! #ChainsawMan #Berserk These shows definitely changed my outlook on shading and over the top detailing of the characters. I drew these a couple months ago. Read Note
夏色まつり一番清楚アイドル the best for me マキマ uwu #Villain #Makima #ChainsawMan 
uhh i actually don't know if she is a villain but whatever
makima! ye imma csm fan anw
not only she is beautiful, she also shifty and some how cool :v
well when she tricked denji, makima showed a fakeness that was hard to detect, i bet that you shipped them together when watched the teetee ;-; 
then when she changed about 180°, makima said it all, unbelievably falsehood, that was a huge shock to denji who had just lost a mate (or rather a big brother) for some reason denji still wanna be a dog to makima ;-;?? then lost his mate (or a sister) again, makima said everything she did then destroy just to get close to chainsaw man, not denji (heh i think she's cool :)) ) 
whatever the truth is, she didn't look up for denji, it was chainsaw man (i dont need to translate eh:)) you read it anw you would understand)
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QooApp News “Chainsaw Man” Anime Reveals 1st Teaser! The TV anime adaptation of'Chainsaw Man' hit manga is coming soon! Check out the debut trailer! 
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Exactly chapter 81 hit different pog. chainsaw man getting an anime and part 2
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QooApp News Weekly Shōnen Jump's “Chainsaw Man” Manga Gets TV anime by MAPPA Tatsuki Fujimoto’s “Chainsaw Man” horror manga announces a TV anime produced by MAPPA!
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