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PhD in Anime Top Contributor 【News of Yesterday】Birthday of voice actress Aoi Koga!! August 24th is Aoi Koga's birthday!!🎊🎊
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QooApp News Build Divide -#FFFFFF- Anime Reveals Teaser Video, Theme Songs & April 2 Premiere Build Divide -#FFFFFF- (Code White) TCG anime revealed a key visual, teaser video, and theme songs. It will premiere on April 2. 
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Build Divide -#FFFFFF- Anime Reveals Teaser Video, Theme Songs & April 2 Premiere - QooApp News Build Divide -#FFFFFF- (Code White) TCG anime revealed a key visual, teaser video and theme songs. It will premiere on April 2.
AlubisKun Top Contributor Build Divide X Demon Slayer #TCG #Collectible #BuildDivide #DemonSlayer #KimetsuNoYaiba
The trading card game Build Divide was launched by Aniplex last year in April along with two seasons of anime. It is essentially a modern Yu-Gi-Oh of which rumors say that you can make your dream come true if you win this card game. 
The card game only has a few decks available now since it's still pretty young. This collaboration with the popular series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is the 3rd wave of the collectibles. The pack options are a starting deck and a booster pack.
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QooApp News Aniplex’s 1st TCG x Original Anime Project “Build Divide” Announced! Aniplex announces its first TCG x original anime project “Build Divide,” which includes a TV anime for October 2021 & April 2022!
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