Topic: Which anime is the best?

We want to know your best anime - This is for science ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). What? We just want pictures of good looking waifu and husbando? NO! We are just professional otaku that do researches.
Go ahead and post PICTURES of your favorite anime in NOTE! Don’t forget to hashtag it with #BestAnime ! Rewards are given to those with most likes!
Andy Ang
Andy Ang #BestAnime Read Note
totsugaua #BestAnime
Read Note
Facu M
Facu M #BestAnime Read Note
prewade #BestAnime Read Note
prewade #BestAnime Read Note
Drakoaimu #BestAnime Read Note
Andi Setiawan
Andi Setiawan #BestAnime my anime meme video don't forget to like and subscribe and share to your friend https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ2bWYVPqyU&t=5s

[開心][開心][開心][開心][開心] Read Note
MashPot360 #BestAnime goblin slayer was the best anime[哇噻][哇噻] Read Note
Rave Gaming
Rave Gaming #BestAnime one piece and my hero academia Read Note
Gamer Nekad
Gamer Nekad #BestAnime little buster Read Note
bhanu rafi
bhanu rafi #BestAnime Read Note
Airisviell #BestAnime Read Note
Mehdi Benosmane
Mehdi Benosmane #BestAnime naruto shipuden
Read Note
AmaterasuDeath #BestAnime Ofcourse... Fate EXTRA Series!!! Read Note
Mehmet Furkan Kıldan
Mehmet Furkan Kıldan #BestAnime ぼくのへろあかでみあ Read Note
Stik Cruz
Stik Cruz #BestAnime Read Note
Elly Official QooApp #BestAnime
Okay so...I haven’t posted my answer.

The #BestAnime must be QooApp Login Exception!

What? Mr. Qoo hasn’t even made our manga into an anime?! I am gonna tear that piece of trash into pieces 🔪!!!!!

Before that, I am going to announce the winners, and then I will be busy finishing that blue thing over there (Mr. Qoo:[無語] WTH?!).
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Valentine shadow
Valentine shadow #BestAnime elfin lied hands down [耍帥] Read Note
Osiris no Sion
Osiris no Sion #BestAnime Darker than Black Read Note
Hakuba Rafael
Hakuba Rafael #BestAnime One Piece Read Note
SairentoKira #BestAnime steing gate Read Note
Jancarlos Miranda
Jancarlos Miranda #BestAnime One Piece 😃♥️ Read Note
Asyrori #BestAnime NOW Read Note
Thom Pelom
Thom Pelom #BestAnime Konosuba is my favorite Read Note
nicolas nakazima20
Skeedrick #BestAnime Hunter X Hunter Read Note
Jamir Myers
Jamir Myers #BestAnime Dragon Ball Super ULTRA INSTINCT Read Note
Consequently Gaming
Consequently Gaming #BestAnime Naruto Series Read Note
robsonlive 1212
robsonlive 1212 #BestAnime Black Clover Read Note
Martin Hidayat
Martin Hidayat #BestAnime fate series Read Note
DaveDrz Diazy Rozza
DaveDrz Diazy Rozza #BestAnime Fate Series Read Note
Alyjah Cooper
Alyjah Cooper #BestAnime Dragon Ball Series, and Assassination Classroom Read Note
Impervox -
Impervox - #BestAnime Definitely bleach.
Read Note
PhengLim #BestAnime Tokyo Ghoul Read Note
Rizky Permana Putra
Rizky Permana Putra #BestAnime god eater Read Note


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