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Post a picture taken before disasters in your note!
Elly Official QooApp #Before_Disasters
Master! Have you watched the latest episode of Re: Zero?
Oh you haven’t?! Oops, then I won’t discuss it with you.
I don’t want to spoil the story and ruin the watching experience.
...BUT! Here is a picture of what happened.
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Gamer 872 Demogorgon #Before_Disasters  Read Note
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Joot8201 #Before_Disasters 
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❤️Puck❤️ #Before_Disasters 
I would put a picture of me being born here, but instead I'll just put this.
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Mai Top Contributor #Before_Disasters 
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Miyu Random🎲 #Before_Disasters
One of the best "before disaster" scenes in anime😂😂
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Kosaka #Before_Disaster #Before_Disasters
Rabbit eat?
Well, definitely not carrot, in fact, only idiot feed carrot for their rabbit.
Still, I'm sure this rabbit would love food that has lots of 'Red'.
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