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Which is your favorite anime bath scene?
Elly Official QooApp #Bath_Day
Umm...This seems nice! Oh this smells good too!

What am I doing you asked? I am selecting my bath salt!

Since today is the “Bath Day” in Japan, I planned to take a relaxing bath after I finish work!

Speaking of bath, I know there are many bath scenes in anime…

Which is your favorite one? Be honest but don’t post any nude picture okay?! 
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Which is your favorite anime bath scene?

Expiry Date: 2019-12-03 20:00 Select One Total Votes: 342

  • Konosuba Season 2 Episode 9

  • Shokugeki no Soma Episode 10

  • The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 7

  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Episode 14

  • My Hero Academia Episode 41

  • Black Clover Episode 72

  • Others, see my note!

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Akash Das #Bath_Day bath time 🛀🛀 Read Note
Akash Das #Bath_Day  Read Note
Akash Das #Bath_Day  Read Note
Akash Das #Bath_Day  Read Note
Dxel #Bath_Day Persona 3 Bath Scene Read Note
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Imaezaki #Bath_Day
No doubt Prison School
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FLiP FLoP #Bath_Day 
if you asked which favourite anime of course senran kagura. There are no anime that draw boobs and nips more beautiful than senran kagura.
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Akiyama Michael #Bath_Day 
ahh, bring back my old memories..... one of the best anime i had and also the first anime i watch fully
teach me a alot of things and even Japanese
and also made me fall in love with one of the Character, and i am still love her till now..... 7 years of memories...
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Akrom12★ #Bath_Day 
Just Roach Bathing on A Glass of C*la.
Roach : Ahh, I'm so Refreshing.😮
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Akrom12★ #Bath_Day 
Bath Day like be.
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Soulzrel #Bath_Day  Read Note
JuliaMaja #Bath_Day 
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Elka #bath_day
ok just forget my other post
This is the Anime Loli Bath (from back only)
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Teoh Yee Xian #Bath_Day 
Da capo iii
My favorite Waifu Mikoto 
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solta -kun #Bath_Day 
toaru majutsu no index
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Faisal Hairul #Bath_Day  Read Note
godsleyer99 #Bath_Day  Read Note
mitinv2000 #Bath_Day  Read Note
Galanty #Bath_Day uhh yeah [厲害] Read Note
Slyph #Bath_Day this true bath scene Read Note
ArielEdogawa #Bath_Day [怪笑] Read Note
RedDress Top Contributor That one scene in Prison School...
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JojoC137 #Bath_Day  Read Note
Akki_kun Have take a bath ☺
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