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A new semester has started! But are you gonna behave?

Share which alignment you joined in Elly’s note and get Gacha ticket*10~

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Elly Official QooApp 🧰Feb Limited Tasks🧰Choose Your Alignment And Get Gacha Tickets~ It’s time to Back To School, below are just some daily routines in anime school life[怪笑]
Share which alignment you joined in the comment to get Gacha ticket*10~
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stephen welschko this is my high school life #BackToSchoolAlignment well mine was hanging out with my friends at school I studied a little still ended up getting b somehow then I skipped school so much my teacher talk to me and said if you don't assignments you're going to repeat a year I said oh crap and I played a crap ton of video games Read Note
PikaBlue why I'm going to school 😕 #BackToSchoolAlignment  Read Note
MassuKazu fr bro- #BackToSchoolAlignment  Read Note
Shiber_lix #BackToSchoolAlignment oh well- Read Note
Momo That's pretty much from me😭 I'm so tired, how am I gonna get my diploma like this😭😭
Read Note
Mooks me when #BackToSchoolAlignment  Read Note
noam k #BackToSchoolAlignment ..............none?, at best hang out with friends (aka occasionally going to talk witb my friend during the break if he's actually at school) Read Note
Mohd Aiman school life 2012-17 #BackToSchoolAlignment  Read Note
HeroAcererSSS School life #BackToSchoolAlignment  Read Note
鼠尾蛆 I sleep #BackToSchoolAlignment Especially in the first and last lessons of the day [憋屈] Read Note
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