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Which BT21 character is your favourite?
Elly Official QooApp #BT21
Uhhhhh-! I almost got that! Stupid claw machine!
Oh! Master! You saw that?! N-nothing! I am just… passing by!
Of course I don’t want a plushy from a claw machine! I am a lady - not a little girl!
...Don’t stare at me like that okay?! It’s a BT21 
exclusive claw machine!
MY FRIEND really like that rabbit named Cooky! That’s why I tried to get one for her!
What?! Cooky is too pink for you?
Okay then, which BT21 character is your favourite?
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Which BT21 character is your favourite?

Expiry Date: 2019-08-15 20:00 Select One Total Votes: 452

  • Koya

  • RJ

  • Shooky

  • Mang

  • Chimmy

  • Tata

  • Cooky

  • Van

  • I like them all!

  • Sorry I don't know them...

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Teahpink #BT21 
My favorite character is Cooky 
He so cute and strong pink bunny. 🐇🐰
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Ray Wei #BTS #방탄소년단 #BT21 UNIVERSE ANIMATION - BTS Reaction
BTS just chilling, doing a BT21 binge watch session, pleased with the progress their kids are making. 👀
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Ray Wei #BT21
Pulling an all-nighter for you-know-who. 😉
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Ray Wei #BT21
When presence is the best present. 🎁💕
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Ray Wei #BT21
One tiny cotton ball, 
among big fluffy cotton balls. 💭
RK's there we promise.
No we're not trolling you.
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Ray Wei #BT21
Zoning out intensifies. 😶
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Ray Wei #BT21
Hmm... Is it?
No. Can't be. 🤔
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Ray Wei #BT21
Go loud, the big game is on! 📺
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Ray Wei #BT21
When the squad forgets you.
You're lowkey broken inside... 😭
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Ray Wei #BT21
Winter is where it’s at. 🛷
The cold doesn’t bother UNIVERSTARs!
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phương ngọc #BT21 MANG Read Note
🧸Babybear #BT21 I can't decide ... I love them all !! [色色] Read Note
Valentina Nieto #BT21 RJ 💜 Read Note
KaoRu #BT21 Tata Read Note
Koko TsuRyu #BT21 Cookie Read Note
Karin Issietti #BT21 tata Read Note
酷盖 #BT21 i love them all! Read Note
🆔Yini #BT21  Read Note
Esmeralda Saray Sandoval #BT21 Mang 😍💜 Read Note
genkrbhart #BT21  Read Note
Vitoria Evellyn #BT21 my favorit is tata Read Note
Yerisa Mamani #BT21 Tata😍💝 Read Note
AnneLee #BT21 my favorite bt21 is kookie 💖 Read Note
Maicha Ramos #BT21 Chimmy but i love them all 😍😍😍 Read Note
Angel A #BT21 I love Tata and Koya. So much that I made these charms!  Read Note
lizzie☆ #BT21 my favourite is definitely chimmy!! although all the bt21 characters have a special place in my heart♡ Read Note
Ah Put #BT21  Read Note
Đặng Ngọc Xuân Hà #BT21 Cute ko :333 Read Note
Kromat Teixeira #BT21 [為什麼] I like. this is so cute [開心] Read Note
yoochimchim #BT21 Of curse CHIMMMMMMY😝😝😝 Read Note
あいり #BT21 Cookyy! [開心][開心][開心] Read Note
WeeklyHastagMonster #BT21 the infinity warrrrrrrrrrrrr Read Note
Sorry I only know BT12
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