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QooApp now has a new feature for you to customize your avatar frame! Every otaQoo will get a Birthday themed frame for free. Try it on through “Account” ---> “Customization” (The T-shirt icon on the top right) ---> “Avatar Frame”.
Post a note with the hashtag #AvatarFrame and attach a screenshot of your new frame before Aug 26 at 16:00 (GMT+8). you will get a reward of 25x Gacha Tickets!

📱Check out more details of the update here: https://news.qoo-app.com/en/post/72336 📱
🎉Join Mr. Qoo’s birthday party here: https://events.qoo-app.com/specials/birthday2021/ 🎉
Gilbert Official QooApp Update: The Gacha Tickets have been sent to all participants' accounts, enjoy your rolls!
Hello, my lady and my master, I’m here to help you with the new avatar frame feature.
I can assure you it’s very easy, just simply follow the steps as the pictures shown below.
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sacchan #AvatarFrame #AvatarFrame Read Note
MarigoldFutura I liked it, gonna use it for a while
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AlubisKun Top Contributor New Frame! #Tsukimi #D4DJ #AvatarFrame
The new frame it's pretty cute! Mr. Qoo is in a bunny costume [怪笑][怪笑] and I got Ohnaruto Muni for the random pick!
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Toriyakax #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Vıatrıx Here's mine, you awesome App! #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Kanatas kanata with a hat❤️ #AvatarFrame  Read Note
tonya #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Mahan #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Natzuuuu #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Arikazuki Noice👌😼 #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Dipstorm07 #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Soukick #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Fgoisgood #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Tiomez #AvatarFrame  Read Note
Sleepy Boi yayyy gib me freedraw
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Donticom #AvatarFrame Read Note
Mikhail :P #AvatarFrame  Read Note
OokOokEek oho? #AvatarFrame  Read Note
kudo frogge [微笑]
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Aizuka_ #AvatarFrame (*^__^*) Read Note
Elaine #AvatarFrame Well, it's quite fun(∗❛ั∀❛ั∗)✧*。
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Avatar Frame Is A Cool Feature #AvatarFrame
The new Avatar frame feature is fun, I've wanted it for some time. I hope in the future we can have more good-looking frames! 
For those who haven't posted a note with the hashtag and a screenshot, take a look at this week's weekly hashtag because there are free Gacha Tickets~yay!
Find the instructions here:
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Faith Maurey #AvatarFrame Love it how this app develops and how far we got. Read Note
Allen Soco #AvatarFrame  Read Note
ZeroPanda My new avatar frame from qooapp. so colourful[開心][開心][開心][開心] ayeeeeeee #AvatarFrame Read Note
Shakiraherher Birthday Frame is Cute! #AvatarFrame
Tried using it and it's adorable! I would wear this frame again when it's my birthday next!! [開心]
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Maria Fatima Aquino #AvatarFrame I'm just new here so my avatar frame is still plain :(( Read Note
Nattapon Pananont #toreba #AvatarFrame  Read Note
khalif haikal #AvatarFrame dyfu Read Note
Daniel Alexander ya hallo! #AvatarFrame  Read Note


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