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Mr.Qoo's birthday is here again, you must not miss the Q&A Session!
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Mr. Qoo Official QooApp [Answers are here] We have rea We received 3759 likes and countless blessings! I will happily accept them [開心]
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Elly Official QooApp 👇It's a good chance to revisit the Q&A of last year [微笑]
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SkylaRengoku #Ask_MrQoo2022 
what's your favorite character from Genshin Impact?
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mexican zubat Favorite uma? out of all the wonderful waifus of umamusume, who is your top pick?
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Lenuell_Zelren probobly asked before but #Ask_MrQoo2022 what the heckie are you? just a wierd lil blue dude? are there more of you? where is miss qoo? Read Note
Luna Jane Mr.Qoo, anything interesting? #Ask_MrQoo2022 (☆_☆)Are you looking forward to anything upcoming?(´∩ω∩`) Read Note
Tsukiko Shiki My greatest Question #Ask_MrQoo2022 Will there be Cross-Over events in Twisted Wonderland? Read Note
Gufran J12 #Ask_MrQoo2022 do u have any news about girls frontline neural cloud taiwan version release date? [為什麼][無語] Read Note
violet #Ask_MrQoo2022  Read Note
Hisyi Ken #Ask_MrQoo2022 how you get ideas to make llili and Albert became our model(⊙_⊙)? Read Note
Amooo Sasaki A very serious question #Ask_MrQoo2022 why is MrQoo twerking card so hot 🥵🔥? Read Note
Thinnakorn Kerdwat #Ask_MrQoo2022 Can you drink?😎[哇噻] Read Note
Kira_Yoshikage Question :D #Ask_MrQoo2022 
Can you cook?
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Daries Which game you want to collab? which game you want to collab with and why#Ask_MrQoo2022  Read Note
鼠尾蛆 A question for Mr. Qoo #Ask_MrQoo2022 
If both Elly and Gilbert were in danger and you could only choose to save one of them, which of them would you choose to save and why?
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Zagreus HADES Who is your no.1 Waifu? #Ask_MrQoo2022  Read Note
MJ.Woo #Ask_MrQoo2022 Is Elly your favorite or Gilbert and why Read Note
TenkoYai #Ask_MrQoo2022 who's your favorite V-Tuber & Why? Read Note
Smith Arpon Boidya #Ask_MrQoo2022 What do you think of Mushoku Tensei Jobless Recantation? Read Note
Kazaki Darkness #Ask_MrQoo2022 What is your favourite anime and manga in 2022? Read Note
Itsuka Sora #Ask_MrQoo2022  Read Note
Dox511 #Ask_MrQoo2022  Read Note
buri buri #Ask_MrQoo2022  Read Note
Neko #Ask_MrQoo2022  Read Note
Mr. Qoo Official QooApp [Finished] 20 questions for this year too ~ You Like, I answer! Follow the steps below! You press the #Like button and I will answer, answers already updated on July 22 and 29 (GMT+7)
You are welcome to ask questions in the #comments as well, I will pick some good ones to answer![賣萌]
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