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\\\Let’s Party!!!///
Come and like Mr. Qoo’s birthday note to unlock secret info and get rewards! 
Rinko What is a best gift you received in your birthday? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor I'm Curious #Ask_Mr.Qoo
I have so many questions for Mr. Qoo [鬼臉]
Why exactly are you BLUE?
Do you prefer eating sushi or tempura?
Are you sure you're from the Earth? 
What is your favorite fruit?
How tall are you?
How many hours do you sleep every day? (Or do you sleep?)
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yuuna chan Mr. Qoo where is m(r)s. Qoo ? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
kaburagi shinya #Ask_Mr.Qoo did you watch anime Read Note
DELTAMASTER #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
dead luck uchiha do you like Minecraft #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Furvus Neko Question How old is your mustache
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Yuki♤ #Ask_Mr.Qoo Are we friends ? Read Note
Alkeiser 303303 What do you think about afterlife? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
adlan_ hafiz How old are you? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Yuuri Johnson #Ask_Mr.Qoo hey mr.Qoo what's your favorite animal?  Read Note
YoSenpai Thank you for everything and all you have to offer in this cross-country app! #Ask_Mr.Qoo So how did this app first start out? Did you ever think you would be better than Google's and apple's app store with all the good games from different countries? How did you get the permission or licensing to use the apps and bring them here for us from tons of other countries like japan, NA, Korea, Thailand, China and other places. How far will you go to become the absolute BEST app store in the world!? Read Note
Otaku shinaneginz Hey Mr Qoo, in your opinion who is the more helpful, Gilbert or Elly? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
shiroe ken Mr. Qoo #Ask_Mr.Qoo Hey Mr. Qoo did you do anything to Elly after we leave the app?  Read Note
Mizuhara Hi mr. Qoo just wanna ask how long is the app now? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Zircana Hello Mr. Qoo, what are your plans for future updates and improvement of the app?? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Jordan Pierre #Ask_Mr.Qoo Happy Birthday! Which do you prefer more? Bulter or maid? Read Note
jemjem Tzudir #Ask_Mr.Qoo why is the app name Qoo app whats the story behind the name Qoo? Read Note
CoffeeMunchmucnh Happy birthday Mr.Qoo! #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
happy birthday to da boi, Mr.Qoo!
do you have a favorite genre?[怪笑]
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Ijustwannaplayy Dear Mr. Qoo HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR QOO ! [開心]
 I hope you're having a great day! 
And also I have one question for you 
Mr Qoo. Why are you so Handsome ? 
*lip bite's* *lip bite's*
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No need To know Sus #Ask_Mr.Qoo you kinda sus #Mr.Qoo. 
why you so sus why? 
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Rokusho Hey, Mr. Qoo, why are you blue? Da ba dee da ba dai. #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Tân Nguyễn Happy Birthday!!! #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Is there any chance we can exchange the Gacha tickets into some kind of currency we can use for translate game service? Or we can get days of usage from gacha? I really like the way you integrate translate service, but it kinda sad when you have to pay to using it
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Peachy Happy Birthday!🎉 #Ask_Mr.Qoo
Hey Mr. Qoo, do you have any cool hobbies?
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Yuki K. HBD Mr.Qoo!!! >< #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Say Mr.Qoo, which gacha pool is your favorite? And which card is it?[哇噻][開心]
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Van Adamz #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Question Mr.Qoo
How did you get that manly mustache that you have?
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Abhishek Nundlall Hello Mr Qoo it would be nice if you released some of the other apps that have not been re #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Dark Carbuncle Happy birthday! #Ask_Mr.Qoo Hey Mr.Qoo, if you have ever played "Puyopuyo !! Quest", what is your favorite thing about it?  Read Note
Jagerfighter Questions? #Ask_Mr.Qoo Hi how old are you getting and what's your favorite game/ anime? Is it fun working all the time?lmao 🤣  Read Note
Nathanwhyte-bro-zane Yes yes yes time to pwrty ok #Ask_Mr.Qoo [開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心] Read Note
Kizzy James #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Rubi Summers Happy birthday #Ask_Mr.Qoo will there be a plushie version of you or your crew anytime soon?[開心] Read Note
QUser62121621 #Ask_Mr.Qoo Hey Mr.Qoo what's your favourite animal Read Note
Holy Knight Mr.Qoo are you secretly powerful #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
DEADLY SHADOW #Ask_Mr.Qoo hey mr.Qoo are you feeling happy? Read Note
Freeloader #Ask_Mr.Qoo Happy Birthday Mr. Qoo!! 
 Just want to ask, what kind of food did you prepare for ypur birthday? 
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Deemah Khaled Hey mr qoo san why you so cute 😍😍 thanks so much for gilbert his so cute #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Senpai Goblok Hey MR. Qoo, u think that Alien exists? Also did u believe that Earth is flat?
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