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Mr. Qoo Official QooApp [Finished] Birthday Q&A! #Ask_Mr.Qoo
Thanks to all of the otaQoos' efforts, we accumulated so many likes! This is the best birthday gift!
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🥳10,683 likes, 10,683x Gacha tickets🥳
Congratulations to @ELT꧁ 亥MᐱDᐱRᐱ, the Gacha tickets are sent out, enjoy your rolls!
Now, let's enjoy the party!
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Mr. Qoo Official QooApp Answers Are All Here! #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
All the answers are revealed! Check them out below.
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GD Raning #Ask_Mr.Qoo ..geuss what Read Note
GAMEZEDTv Punishing: Gray Raven Global Punishing: Gray Raven Global Mobile Android/iOS Gameplay 2022 [High Graphics] Read Note
GD Raning #Ask_Mr.Qoo Elly are you single[厲害] Read Note
Elly Official QooApp 👇It's a good chance to revisit the Q&A of last year [微笑]
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Stella Top Contributor #Ask_Mr.Qoo Hi Mr.Qoo! A very very Happy birthday to you 🎂🎉 I'm very Happy for your success and a happy life! Hope you always be more Than HAPPY 😊. Mr.Qoo, I would like to ask you a question and that is "Can I know what you height is and what color your hair is??" please 🥺  Read Note
Kazaki Touya what's your hobby? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
QUser15570986 #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
what's your favorite anime character?
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Traix Draco #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Have you ever tried bubble tea (aka boba)?
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Kuromi Okumura #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Mr. Qoo do you collect something or you have collections of something as a hobby? 
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Tini Monocle Mr.Qoo do you have a favorite anime? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Mikado Any plans to bring back watching ads for gatcha tickets or any additional way to get them? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
OtaQoo 64448517 مرحبا #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Flowdane #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Are you related/inspired by the monopoly guy?
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Kiscsini What is your favorite color? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Sasageyo o How to get ssr in games? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Haki #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Desta Alega What's your favorite food? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Bon Netxe What is your favourite gacha game? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
OtaQoo 64632768 Fjxucbxjhxhdk #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
TGY What do you use in order to maintain your moustache? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Nishikagi What your type flat,Regular or big😏 #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
parthiv bhattacharyya congratulations #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
KazutoKirigaiya2002 Please help me Mr.Qoo #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Hello mr.Qoo who read my mail.I have question:there is no setting that make my download file change?
I have 32GB SD card and 8 GB free storage but in my Internal Storage I have only 500MB free of 8GB
so there is no way that make my download file changed from internal storage to SD card ???
when I want to download any game it said the no storage please freeup storage.
But i have 8GB free in my SD card.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭please help me to change the file download destination.
if there is not any setting please put this ability in the next update.
thanks a lot by reading this mail
and thanks more for helping me.
sorry for saying this problems in this event.
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mobina Your favorite anime? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Michalithgow Yaegashi What is your favorite song of all time? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Yukimin Do you know about Vtuber? And if you know that, then which Vtuber do you like most? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Basil #Ask_Mr.Qoo On the scale 1 to 10 what is your favorite colour? Read Note
Yuki #Ask_Mr.Qoo [不滿] Read Note
FADE5303 Happy birthday to both of us! #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note


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