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Mr. Qoo Official QooApp [Finished] Birthday Q&A! #Ask_Mr.Qoo
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🥳10,683 likes, 10,683x Gacha tickets🥳
Congratulations to @ELT꧁ 亥MᐱDᐱRᐱ, the Gacha tickets are sent out, enjoy your rolls!
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Mr. Qoo Official QooApp Answers Are All Here! #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
All the answers are revealed! Check them out below.
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GD Raning #Ask_Mr.Qoo ..geuss what Read Note
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Elly Official QooApp 👇It's a good chance to revisit the Q&A of last year [微笑]
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Kazaki Touya what's your hobby? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
QUser15570986 #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
what's your favorite anime character?
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Traix Draco #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Have you ever tried bubble tea (aka boba)?
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Kuromi Okumura #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Mr. Qoo do you collect something or you have collections of something as a hobby? 
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Tini Monocle Mr.Qoo do you have a favorite anime? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Mikado Any plans to bring back watching ads for gatcha tickets or any additional way to get them? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
OtaQoo 64448517 مرحبا #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Flowdane #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Are you related/inspired by the monopoly guy?
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Kiscsini What is your favorite color? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Sasageyo o How to get ssr in games? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Haki #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Desta Alega What's your favorite food? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Bon Netxe What is your favourite gacha game? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
OtaQoo 64632768 Fjxucbxjhxhdk #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
TGY What do you use in order to maintain your moustache? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Nishikagi What your type flat,Regular or big😏 #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
parthiv bhattacharyya congratulations #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
KazutoKirigaiya2002 Please help me Mr.Qoo #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Hello mr.Qoo who read my mail.I have question:there is no setting that make my download file change?
I have 32GB SD card and 8 GB free storage but in my Internal Storage I have only 500MB free of 8GB
so there is no way that make my download file changed from internal storage to SD card ???
when I want to download any game it said the no storage please freeup storage.
But i have 8GB free in my SD card.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭please help me to change the file download destination.
if there is not any setting please put this ability in the next update.
thanks a lot by reading this mail
and thanks more for helping me.
sorry for saying this problems in this event.
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mobina Your favorite anime? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Michalithgow Yaegashi What is your favorite song of all time? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Yukimin Do you know about Vtuber? And if you know that, then which Vtuber do you like most? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Basil #Ask_Mr.Qoo On the scale 1 to 10 what is your favorite colour? Read Note
Yuki #Ask_Mr.Qoo [不滿] Read Note
FADE5303 Happy birthday to both of us! #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
Rinko What is a best gift you received in your birthday? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor I'm Curious #Ask_Mr.Qoo
I have so many questions for Mr. Qoo [鬼臉]
Why exactly are you BLUE?
Do you prefer eating sushi or tempura?
Are you sure you're from the Earth? 
What is your favorite fruit?
How tall are you?
How many hours do you sleep every day? (Or do you sleep?)
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yuuna chan Mr. Qoo where is m(r)s. Qoo ? #Ask_Mr.Qoo  Read Note
kaburagi shinya #Ask_Mr.Qoo did you watch anime Read Note


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