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Segumi Trcing and Coloring?.... Just tracing their faces, and coloring them... but why my friends look impressed even though its simple. (First one took an hour and the last one took 3 1/2 hours[汗顏] ) Read Note
Segumi Ah yes Wallpaper... This wallpaper always telling you that, Someones always watching you...
btw this is my screen size so~ drop yours if you want one.
Who's Next?... Who do you wanna see next?
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Segumi having a sister looks fun "sigh" I wish I have a sister...[難過]
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Segumi Who's your fav artist/illustr- I love the art of this Illustator/Artist, I dont know how to describe it but its just cute[微笑], and Im speechless... Just want to share her art.
Btw who's your favorite Artist/Illustrator, comment down below and share it with me...
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Daliya_Okuneva Do u like owls? #owl #girls #art #reddress #shadow #hair Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor Zoro with 9 Different Anime Styles #Interesting #Art #Zoro #OnePiece #Anime
Remember some time ago I shared a picture of an anime character with 9 different anime styles on Instagram? I found that YouTube just recommended me a channel recording an artist drawing them LIVE!! [驚訝][驚訝]
I must say WOW that's really interesting, this guy is really talented. Seeing a character in a different art style was like opening a gate of imagination. 
Check out his channel for more characters!
Credit: Dye Rust / YouTube
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鼠尾蛆 Daily Art Post: 5 #DailyArtPost
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. All rights to the following artwork go to the respective artists.
Artists: えくぼかよ (pixiv), 悖论parapa (pixiv), 神猎子 (pixiv), miunee (pixiv)
Also, I think I feel much better now. Have some Yae Mikos (and a Ganyu) :)
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Segumi Forgot something? Here I'll lend you my chopping board...
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鼠尾蛆 Daily Art Post: 3 #DailyArtPost
Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. All rights to the following artwork go to the respective artists.
Artists: hyde (Twitter), ヱア紺 (pixiv), Yoako (pixiv), りっぱJun (pixiv)
Thank you to @RPGLover88 for the suggestion!
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Attack on Rock Band #AttackOnTitan #Art #Band
Dayum I don't know where this art originated from, but it looks so fitting if they're a rock band! Jean the bassist, Eren the guitarist, Levi the vocalist, and Hange the drummer. I'm hoping they can release a single or something together [開心]
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-- Tiger Lily Cookie artworks! 
I really like her in the game [色色][色色]
#Jan2022Anime #cookierun #art #anime #manga #girl
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Segumi Nin nin! I did some changes, and now I need to reduce the pile of homework right beside me[大哭] Read Note
Segumi Lumine and Paimon are so cute. Twitter: @Shirona_775 Read Note
Segumi Not satisfied with the hand😓 I ended up, and did it[難過]
[ Edited Artwork ]: https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/note/1536139
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Segumi Should I finish it? Finished Illustration
Edit: https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/note/1534775
#Art #Drawing #FanArt #Segumi
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-- Other artworks of Street Fighter! [色色][色色]
#streetfighter #girl #art #manga #anime #videogames
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-- Yu-gi-oh artworks I know this since my childhood, I really like the strategy and the anime becomes interesting at the end of the first season! 
Here are some fanart of the magician cards! [鬼臉][鬼臉][色色][色色]
#yugioh #card #art #manga #anime
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-- Hetalia cards fanart! [哇噻][哇噻]
#card #hetalia #art #manga #anime
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-- One of my favourite manga : Alice 19th, created by Yuu Watase is a shoujo manga! The story talks about the power of words, this is kind of philosophic by the way. [賣萌][賣萌] 
There are some illustrations by the author! 
#art #shoujo #manga #anime #artwork #yuuwatase
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Daliya_Okuneva Goodbye 2021 ☃️❄️ My Instagram
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Segumi Nyaa~ //NachoNeko\\
Link: https://amashiro.com/
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Naruto 20 Year Anniversary Visual Art #Naruto #Anniversary #Art #Poster
Soon enough, in a few more days we'll be in 2022 and it will be the 20th anniversary of one of the most popular series, Naruto! It is expected to have a celebration for this achievement, and the official released the visual art for the anniversary two days ago.
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Gyro Zeppeli Would You Even Wanna See It #qooapp #poll #art #anime Read Note

Should I Post My Own Art?

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AlubisKun Top Contributor Same Character, Different Art Style #Anime #Art #WoW #Fanart
I found this amazing French artist on Instagram. He is so talented that he can remake the anime characters into a different art style from another anime! This guy really has a deep understanding of how each anime is drawn and captured the core elements of the styles! Take a look and follow him if you like his work!
Credit: @a2t.will.draw / Instagram
Sasuke - Naruto
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Gyro Zeppeli Sadly Komi Was Not Nominated:( Theres always next year @Tadano-Kun #KomiForTopCharacter2022 ! Read Note
Daliya_Okuneva Alice, the archer History ❤️
 Archer named Alice, she travels the world light. 
All of her things is only the bow and arrows that bring good luck and food.
 Alice has been using runic spells since childhood.
 They also say that the ancestors of her tribe could turn into tigers,
that is why Alice's iris has a juicy orange color.
#art #artchallenges #artsupport #green #archer #runic #arrow #world
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Gyro Zeppeli Komi Is Having Fun In Leaves! Credit: i_n_u #2021TopAnimeCharacterAward #KomiForTopCharacter Read Note
Gyro Zeppeli And So It Begins Credit: @9431116 #KomiForTopCharacter #2021TopAnimeCharacterAward Read Note
Daliya_Okuneva Jelly xD Do u like jelly? (≧▽≦)💝
Follow me for more arts [微笑]
Do u like jelly?
#marmalade #jam #delicious #sweet #art #artchallenges #characters #game #animation
#like #gamedev #game
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Gyro Zeppeli Cat Komi Is Adoreable! Credit: krowxae #2021TopAnimeCharacterAward #KomiForTopCharacter @Tadano-Kun lets make this a tag! Read Note
Gyro Zeppeli Komi In Swimsuit Is Adoreable Credit: @9431116 #2021TopAnimeCharacterAward #KomiForTopCharacter Read Note
Its_me_san Meme Lord And thats what is called a Art #AnimeMeme #NarutoFamily #Art
like and follow for more...
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Gyro Zeppeli Zombie Land Saga Movie! A Zombie Land Saga Saga Movie Was Announced At A Live Concert Nice. Looks Like It'll Be Good!!! Read Note
Gyro Zeppeli Kute Komi Komi Really Is Just The Most Adorable Thing Ever. #KomiForTopCharacter Read Note


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