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April Fools’ Day is full of funny pranks and jokes. Have you found yourself tricked by any of them? It’s okay if you have because April Fools’ Day is the perfect time to be a fool! In anime, being foolish is often a lovable trait. Who doesn’t love a Baka character? Come and tell us about your favorite Baka character using #AprilBaka !
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Master! Happy April Fools’ Day! With all the funny jokes and pranks around, it is such a fun time!
However, I am a bit worried about master getting pranked… Well, there is nothing wrong with that. Not everybody is as intelligent as me after all! 
In fact, Baka characters in anime have their unique charm and cuteness despite their foolishness. Everything they do would put a big smile on people’s faces!
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Basil There's Not Enough Mayonnaise! #AprilBaka  Read Note
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DARKFLAME MASTER No 1 baka with no contest #AprilBaka  Read Note
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Ai Aibou🗿 #AprilBaka  Read Note
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Green #AprilBaka 
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wards #AprilBaka  Read Note
OrangeDream✨ #AprilBaka I love these dorks💕 Read Note
Hotaru Himegi The one and only "Baka" i know #AprilBaka  Read Note
PHentai #AprilBaka  Read Note
Doppio #AprilBaka  Read Note
Vıatrıx Biggest Anime Baka I Know? #AprilBaka 
Yoshii from Baka to Test, in my opinion.
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SayuriAce #AprilBaka Read Note
Yuda Eka Putra #AprilBaka 
Aho girl
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Rain Samanosuke If it's about Baka, then Yoshi You just can't hate this idiot. Even if you already forget what Anime is he in. When you already watch his Anime, you know he's the most lovable BAKA!
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