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Which pill will you get? Take a screenshot to check your result!
Elly Official QooApp #Anime_Pills 
Welcome to “Elly’s Weird Items Shop”, master.
This week I’ve prepared several “Anime Pills” for you.
Lucky for you, the mysterious pills are on sale so you can get them for free!
What power will you get from the pills? Time to test your luck! 
Take a screenshot to check your result!
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Hanif my first pill #Anime_Pills Read Note
Avisena Benamen lucky :v #Anime_Pills  Read Note
Mikari12105 #Anime_Pills  Read Note
Alex Martirez #Anime_Pills Im waiting Tamamo no Mae Read Note
Mir Kuro #Anime_Pills  Read Note
Imbanutyi Imba #Anime_Pills C-virus pill special from USA. soon olympiade in Gitler's allies country hooraaaay Read Note
Neru_04 #Anime_Pills  Read Note
Meikarevina #Anime_Pills  Read Note
Chitau Moua #Anime_Pills  Read Note
Nur Rayhan #Anime_Pills 🤔 Isekai... Read Note
harvercode #Anime_Pills 
Isekai time bois 
Read Note
Ashaki #Anime_Pills 
the ultimate pill
Read Note
ReiNakamura #Anime_Pills seem fun enough~ Read Note
Nao_ 0601 #Anime_Pills Please will it come true!!! Read Note
Yamcha San #Anime_Pills please give me One  Read Note
Kiss Shot #Anime_Pills  Read Note
ocvla #Anime_Pills [開心][開心][色色] Read Note
Юля Хиврина #Anime_Pills 
OMG! I'm so glad it's waifu pill and not husbando
All my my favourite anime men are f**king disaster! Thank you, I don't wanna deal with them
God bless me. Give me a beautiful Es in real life, please[開心]
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Namae wa Muyou desu #Anime_Pills I'm so OP Read Note
Kirito_sama #Anime_Pills  Read Note
SegeL #Anime_Pills 
I want the power "Kazuma's Steal"
Read Note
Bembydango #Anime_Pills Yeeees! Read Note
InvyEmil #Anime_Pills No, thank you Read Note
Michael David Sy #Anime_Pills Awww yeah Read Note
fajekri ashar #Anime_Pills 
im'a boy lol
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