Screenshot to get your villager!
Elly Official QooApp #Anime_Crossing
OMG, OMG! This fish is huge! I bet it is a Latimeria!
"I caught a sea bass! No, wait- it's at least a C+!" 
...AHHH! Oh master! I’m just playing Animal Crossing!
Have you played it too? Which two beginner villagers did you get?
I got Dom and Cherry! They are super adorable!
In fact, today I’ve prepared an “Anime Crossing” test for you!
Screenshot to get your villager!
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Kirito CHIKA FUJIWARAAA!!!! 😂😍😍 #Anime_Crossing
And of course the useless goddess baka-qua ⛲
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𝕴𝖌𝖆𝖒𝖎 #Anime_Crossing good villager 💮 Read Note
Boom #Anime_Crossing 
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Liena Bipo #Anime_Crossing i got inosuke two time lmao Read Note
Saki Hirasawa "nezukoo chuannn" #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
KoyoAkizukiZaid Got kyaru #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
▼Lonely@▼ Mika!!! #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
DreamingKitten nEzUkO~chAn!!! #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
キツロウ heee #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
Rizky Sultan #Anime_Crossing 
idk wht to say [暈]
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Alice Stone 🌸 Anime Villagers 🌸 #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
EzeKill #Anime_Crossing I caught a girl from quintessential quintuplets I got miku  Read Note
Nyanza #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
Hanzo #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
A - Chan #Anime_Crossing 
GET Nezuko-chan [色色] [色色]
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Jojo Shimazaki #Anime_Crossing Lol 😁😁😁 Read Note
Christian Töpfer #Anime_Crossing 
Let's hope, she'll be not as "usefulll" as usual. 
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Chieri chikaa #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
ScLan #Anime_Crossing 
Hee?! Mr.Qoo?? 😅
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PYON Cherryme (◕ᴗ◕✿) #Anime_Crossing  Read Note
Ziuelle Hahahahahaha #Anime_Crossing  Read Note


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