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Hair color is an important part of anime character design. Good-looking hair color can definitely boost a character’s charm, and sometimes the hair color also hints at his or her personality. This time, let’s focus on the hair color of the female characters in anime and games first. Which hair color is your favorite? Tell us about it with examples!
Sol purple ! #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
Asami Havenite #AnimeHairColor 
I don't really have any examples to show but anything that doesn't cause the viewer to go blind. But also something that isn't repitive or what might be deemed cringey/edgy. 
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Gyuki All hair colours are good #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
spaceace1288 .....why #AnimeHairColor ... 日本語女の人 染髪剤 Read Note
Tarius Markel Johnston #AnimeHairColor 
Red, Blue, green, pink, white, silver, purple. basically the non real life hair colors.
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Kleitian #AnimeHairColor ...Depends on whether there's male characters with the same colour hair, because I'll be thinking of them whenever I see that hair colour~ 🤣 Read Note
Code Mousey Pink, purple, red and white. #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
tinkle My opinion #AnimeHairColor I like them all can't choose just one it depends on the character [可憐] Read Note
Jirachu Av #AnimeHairColor
Red 🥰
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IERServer Black-hair red-eyed FTW #AnimeHairColor Black (and red eyes) simply because I found them hot and powerful in girls, emanating an aura of elegance, strength, beauty and perseverance. I'm into transformations so assuming I can mention transformed character hair from black I'd say white. Going from black hair and 50%-60% seriousness to white hair and %100 is simply super fanservice to my eyes. White haired red eyed girls are super pretty. Girls I thought about are Yor, Kaguya, Aya Shameimaru, Noire (Black Heart), Taiho... yeah I love their designs.  Read Note
TsubakiSensei #AnimeHairColor 
my fav is white whether boy or girl I find it so charming eesp ith blue or red eyes
like Pandora from re:zero / Momobami Kirari from Kakegurui / Komagome Azuzu from Senyoku no Sigrdrifa / Kamui Kanna from Dragon maid / Echodna from re:zero / Eri from BNHA 
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AEON48 Sakura #AnimeHairColor 
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ZeroPanda blonde o.o)b #AnimeHairColor the best of the best  Read Note
Basil Black is Cool Black hair usually symbolic for it coolnes and elegant. #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
fireplay blaze #AnimeHairColor 
my top 3 is pretty much in this order
1. pink
2. purple
3. red
idk why i like those hair colors mainly, even tho my favorite color overall is blue 
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Kitty11 #AnimeHairColor
I love how hair colors reflect the character and looks fitting for them in their appearance. The color harmony is important and all colors are so unique and amazing. But my personal favorite colors for hair are black and white, I think these look so beautiful and elegant for especially girls' hair 🖤🤍[微笑][微笑] 
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Basil Blonde is feminine #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
Lucas21x #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
kyaameh How about orange hair? #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
Phantom Hell #AnimeHairColor deff purple for me [色色][哇噻] Read Note
MugenStratos white hair is the best #AnimeHairColor white hair is just beautiful and i would love any characters that have it be it boy or girl
(sorry for not knowing the artists of the art)
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Lazy_ Nikomi It honestly doesn't matter #AnimeHairColor if i like a fem character it's from 💗 any hair color is welcome. As for the male... I think that i have a certain types tho im not sure yet..  Read Note
Basil White is Attractive White or silver hair usually symbolic for beautiful and gorgeous. #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
KailovesMammon #AnimeHairColor tbh any's fine as long as it looks good and it matches the colour scheme  Read Note
Basil Pink is cute Pink hair usually symbolize cute and girlish. #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
War0n I think, green is good! #AnimeHairColor Read Note
Thảo Lâm Liên every colors is fine #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
Sylth Asmodeus #AnimeHairColor Any hair color but most definitely natural black, red and pink. Read Note
7-0-4-9 ŪŤÔPÌÁ #AnimeHairColor i dont really mind about the hair color tbh, if its looks good on her then its good Read Note
Amooo Sasaki Blue #AnimeHairColor DO NOT FORGET
 blue is the hair color of our goddess (Roxy Migurdia)
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Happy_Camper hair colour doesn't matter #AnimeHairColor 
I think that evey hair colour is good and it depends on characters personality first of all 
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Rhys Reid #AnimeHairColor white Read Note
Huy Cường Nguyễn #AnimeHairColor it depends on the characters too, but i mostly prefer white. Read Note
Kazaki Darkness purple #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
Artorias #AnimeHairColor 
I like every colour but green. I dislike plenty of girls with pink hair because it usually means they're airheads. 
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Sanzo head and shoulders no jutsu ! #AnimeHairColor  Read Note
Di #AnimeHairColor Hmm, for girls, I love those with red or blue hair colour[開心] Read Note
KIMZ24 #AnimeHairColor
Silver or black
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