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There are many rare ingredients/recipes in ACG that we like to try!

Share the delightful or awful food you wanna eat by posting it in a note~

Elly Official QooApp Post the ACG Rare Ingredients/Recipes That You Like To Try🍴 Recently a restraint introduces the ramen dish topped with the giant isopod from An○mal Cross○ng: New Hor○zons in real life! [驚訝]
I am sure everyone has one dish in anime that you craved to have! Be the #ACGFoodie and post a note with the anime food you want to eat~
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Renz Marlou Encomienda Adeptus Temptation from Genshin Impact #ACGFoodie 
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Spook McJones #ACGFoodie  Read Note
Hinata #ACGFoodie  Read Note
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