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Mai ** Account/Data Binding Guide** Read Note
Pmdz I think most people know this already, but in case that anyone doesn't know. You can seperate support sets for your friend into 2 categories. ( pink circle is General mission, daily quest, story, etc. Yellow circle is for event support.) correct me if im wrong [色色] Read Note
Mai **New Gacha Guide** Read Note
Yoga Nugraha
Yoga Nugraha ada yg tau kenapa kok stuck disini?kuota masih ada buka youtube dan sbgainya masih lancar ehh pas masuk pubg malah gini 'Server not respon' Read Note
Maya Regina
Maya Regina #VALENTINE #granbluefantasy

We are meat slave !! Read Note
BenisPutter Alright, data transfer guide time. Im bad at explaining things so im using pictures lol

First open up the game's settings and do this: Read Note
No one posting this?
Here a True
golden experience Read Note
Syarif buat kalian yang belum bisa update ikuti langkah ini
cara download
download >>>>FAKE GPS >>> di plystore
download>>>> SOLO VPN>>> DI playstore
setelah kalian aktifkan kedua aplikasi di atas ganti bahasa hp kalian ke bahasa korea lepas tuhhh
buka QooApp kalian ...
SEMOGA BERMANFAAT[開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]

Read Note
TanoShinji delicious artworks 19 Read Note
QxLinux ini saya udah Update diplaystore[鬼臉] Read Note
Neppuru® SH
Neppuru® SH now i can relax Read Note
ShyShigaku I've tried several times but nothing happens when I hit the skill button, it just does not respond. Someone help me please. Read Note
Kholoud Bel
Kholoud Bel أنا من الجزائر وأحب جونغكوك Read Note
Arikado anyone know how to save this girl and get full power to open the grave from outside the right tower? Read Note
ES.Liez "You thought it was Agaliarept. But it was me, Satanachia." -- After 20 rolls Read Note
CatrinaGreene #VALENTINE
Valentine...? hehehehehe Read Note
Marina2 please help me with my problem :( Read Note
Enrique Guillermo Tillner Berganza
Enrique Guillermo Tillner Berganza Buenas alguna armada que hable en español? o un sensei que hable en español, juego en el server global también pero quiero seguir con el sea, me pueden ayudar porfavor? Read Note
Irwin Semoga segera update.. mungkin telat dan tetep di update soalnya kalau di perhatikan ada event dpt bbrpa hadiah kalau pake versi terbaru di dlm game...sabar global udh update tmpt saya Read Note
Abrn Muslim
Abrn Muslim #VALENTINE

wah benar benar dikabulkan[汗顏]. alhamdulillah.
wah klo gini mah ke afterlife a.k.a akhirat sedetik lagi dikabulkan siap. [開心] amin. by the way nama asliku Aditya Bayu Ramadhan salam kenal dan good luck ya teman teman. [微笑] Read Note
Parklimin_ что по шуточкам про 2022 год? Read Note
IrisuKyouko **Minor Hint**

To get the most out of your girls, it's worth giving them their 'ideal' plane, which is circled in the screenshot attached. They will get far more out of it than some random lv 3-5 plane. Just for incase people missed this. Read Note
Read Note
Ryuko Matoi
Ryuko Matoi #only on Japan region of IOS Read Note
Rifky Alghani
Rifky Alghani Okay, so a little update and rant here..

I just decided to go bite the guaranteed *3 gacha because my shitty luck and also also I've been using my resources limit breaking *1 and *2 characters to only then be replaced with *3 base.

For now I just don't see the value of *1 and *2 charas because they are comparably weaker in both stats and skills.. and had the same quantity of LB materials and stuff..

Can't beat a guy in event pvp whose power is lower than me.. I got 46k he got 44k, just because he had more *3 base chara.

lastly, I'm down for a guild if anyone kind enough to have me. Read Note
Jenenge Mcvuri
Jenenge Mcvuri the heck ? dark avenger 3 dark avenger x n darkness rises [為什麼] what a different is this so confusing tell about play hit [發困] Read Note
DuskLight FORGET naruto blazing and dokkan battles this game has the worst rates ive ever seen sure it will give you some good characters but when it is collab time they will strip you from your cash or grind times and be treated like trash ive summoned a good amout of times on new account and so far all i got was just two decent ISH free characters nothing from full summons.

this is actually a fun game very similar to how monster strike works but honestly you will have a hard time as a free 2 play and at one point will probably be forced to spend cash just for a certain waifu. Read Note
DeaconLua Я тут не молодею Read Note
easy.r_ all of them is come home😭😭😭💖💖💖💙💙💙💙💙 Read Note
Rifky Alghani
Rifky Alghani little stuff about formation:
a squadron of 6 divided into 2 groups, 1 frontliner and 1 backliner. Frontline is easier to be targetted by enemies and engage first, they will get +5% dodge bonus and ideally you want to put 回避型 (dodge type) or 機動型 (maneuver type) pilots in front. Backline has more space to support and attack enemies and they will get 5% attack bonus, best to place 攻撃型 (attack type), 補助型 (support type), and 機動型.

still don't know about the arrow besides their type, see if anyone could explain?

also colours doesnt seem to have any effect against each other like elements but it's just for bonus at certain stage. Read Note
Brandon Lim Lim
Brandon Lim Lim The rate is TOO HOLY Worst is bullshit game Read Note
Kamen Rider Zi-o
Kamen Rider Zi-o that is my first time bc[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻] Read Note
Hououin_kyouma need more information. Read Note
Axel Baucal
ayachan man
ayachan man gw update nya lemot bener disini ,, mentok 500kb per detik .. tapi buat dow di playstore 3mb per detik .. apa cuma saya yg mengali ini ? Read Note
TanoShinji lewd robot pilots 1 Read Note
ねこーさん sad[大哭] Read Note
Schweein 21/02/19 Read Note


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