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Mai Top Contributor ** Maintenance Update **
The official announced 30 mins ago that the game will be in longer maintenace with no estimated end time. They said they will update in mid-Nov and the game is now removed from Google Play store...

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Oghum Inf anyone cant login or is it maintenance now? Read Note
Claire_RE A friend of mine is offering his account for trade!
heads up,
~he wont go first.but i know him very well and hes trusted[微笑]
~hes looking for a glb or jp thats equal,or better![微笑]
if the account interests you,then contact Kaleb Branham! Read Note
Mai Top Contributor ** Setting Menu Translation **
Although it is a trial, but I think the menu won't be that different.
So I made a guide for that anyway!

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Claire_RE [開心] Read Note
Leo Gasviani guys it is very easy to access the game
step 1 download the game rename folder both obb and data just add single letter
step 2 delete the apk and redownload after reinstall go revert folder names to the original
step 3 set time to korean standard time and region to South Korea
step 4 use solo vpn Read Note
Gina_ _R [害羞] Read Note
Duke Wadasa Haa!! Now no one can say that these bad boys will be in the same universe with my good girls! Sorry but those who wants these bad boys to be in the same universe with my good girls should just go find these bad boys and have a yaoi relationship with them!!! Leave me and my good girls alone!!! Read Note
Gina_ _R [害羞] Read Note
Claire_RE [開心] Read Note
Claire_RE [開心] Read Note
hikaru aokawa HERE IS HOW YOU PLAY JP.
Keep the ORIGINAL E7 you have. You DO NOT need to download a new version.

Get a vpn that allows you to have a JP server.

turn on the vpn with the jp server ON

open E7

itll load a lot of stuff

play on JP server. itll ask which server.

welcome to japan :3 Read Note
Claire_RE 💕 Read Note
Claire_RE [開心] Read Note
Claire_RE [開心] Read Note
Claire_RE [開心] Read Note
Claire_RE [開心] Read Note
RedDress Top Contributor Enstars's new unit! Alkaloid!
They were just announced on today's AGF 2019 Read Note
predateur 117 #VotreWaifu mordred waifu forever Read Note
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Claire_RE #Appreciation_Day Slaine!
he had some much time to save his loved ones on the 1st season..
but im glad he got revenge on the 2nd season...
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Gina_ _R [色色] Read Note
Aditya Ramadhan #Appreciation_Day all actors and actress,dev staff and all related to them especially for all my games i ever play. this currently all.i.can install, cause my android almost full Read Note
Kwyoz #Kiss_Marry_Trash
love the boys, corn man can die Read Note
Ray Wei 2019/11/05 BTS 2020 SEASON'S GREETINGS Preview Cuts
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Mai Top Contributor ** Main Screen Translation ** Read Note
Bima anyone who wants to trade with me, give me a trade with account Good:kof all star 😗 Read Note
Gina_ _R [害羞] Read Note
Misaki Tokura Who should I level up? Read Note
Soos Leel trade for a equal or better jp or glb acc Read Note
Kairi Hii!! guys, I need some help!

How do I level up my characters to level 70?? It says that I should clear some quest, but I can't understand which one is it or where I can find it!! [發火][發火]

Little help here?? [耍帥][耍帥] Read Note
Elias Mckay looking for a really good blazing account Read Note
Goku The saiyan feeling cute, idk may trade this for something a bit equal. Read Note
Sani Khan I'm trading my Jp acc I have space ishtar, MHX, and Np2 Enkidu. On my 2nd account I have np 2 space ishtar and ibaraki douji along with 4 four star servants Im looking for an account with oda nobunaga as she is my waifu any version of her but maou oda is preferred. Read Note
Kagitsushi Mitasaki #VotreWaifu
Rin tohsaka et toute ses variantes (Ishtar Ereshkigal) Read Note
KKLegends1123 does anyone have a starter account for me? would like to start with it😁, preferably with the new demon meliodas😁 Read Note
Akiha30 #Appreciation_Day bruh Read Note


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