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Larcadedragneel I have a few accs to trade. Looking for whales, beasts, or really good fresh. Multiple accounts for trade. Might would even do a couple for one if it's good enough .Comment if you want details about any of these accs and we can add each other to chat Read Note
Keyza Kiryu #FeatureGame_3
The game is Alternative Girls 2 and/or オルガル2
A fully voiced bishoujo simulator battle rpg game
This game offers 1000+ cards to collect and raise, thematic cards from our typical china dresses, halloween costumes, christmas, new year, summer etc etc with cool 3D models and 21 girls to choose from. Some limited collaboration cards too, like Danmachi collab, Gochiusa and some more who i hope we'll get a rerun someday. You get the cards from gacha, power up them with grinding items and thats it, you're ready to go battling, or thats what you think. You have to make a well balanced team in order to survive too, we have type of cards in this game which are Attackers, Defenders, Supports, and Healers, so be sure to bring at least a girl with revive and a debuffer with you, those two are really important. Read Note
yellowand anyone wanna trade Read Note
dblegends trading this for db legends account pm me Read Note
Zergo 008 Trading this beast acc for other good acc or good dragon ball dokkan battle Jp or global Read Note
BootyMaster #FeatureGame_3 Here we go
Feature Game: DanMachi: Memoria Freese
version 8.0.1
Title 10/10 words: Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon
Editors word: It's like another Eden wrapped in DanMachi ~Mr.Qoo
Description 19/20 words: an addictive RPG mobile game based on the anime DanMachi which includes ALL your favourite characters from the anime
Why am i recommending this game:
1.Its fully translated in English
2.Has a high-rate gacha
3.Addicting and easy gameplay
4.Has a variety of unique and different characters
5.Amazing and catchy soundtracks
6.You can play the anime's story
7.You can play every character's story
8.The art and graphics are spectacular
9.The developers are taking a really good care of the game and keep updating it and adding new characters and features every now and then.
10. and lastly... Read Note
dblegends want to trade for a db legends acc Read Note
رياض علي
ShinRaShin trade for bleach Read Note
dokkanforlive any one have a clash of clans 8 or 9 add me as a friend if you want to trade for these two Read Note
lol optc trade Read Note
et.senpai #FeatureGame_3

Game: Kamurai Tribe

Title: Fight Fight make design

Desc : Honestly this game needs more recognition its quite amazing, ut is hard to understand since its not in English but there are a lot of aps that cna help you in game translation It is also super fun since u can make your own characters and honestly everyone should give this game a try(  ̄ 3 ̄)y▂ξ

Words: Go Go Fight Read Note
Versora Hellsing This is so fake. Let me save you the time. This link may seem legit but it's not. What game after you install it will ask you to verify you are a human? This game did. I thought surely this is fake, and my instinct was right, it is fake. Read Note
Zergo 008 Trading this 24 lrs acc all other people that show The screen shot are fake im The owner trading this acc for full f2p yes f2p (free to play) acc we send same Time add me IF interested and you have full f2p acc f2p means charekters you can get from story modes or events but the acc must be good Read Note
lol optc trade Read Note
Fauzan Alvian Trade FGO account server NA to JoJo Diamond records account. I have 4 SSR... Story in okaenos. Free quest from Orleans... So you can farm quartz... Still have really much quest... I think Craft essence is quite good. My SSR is Edmon Dante, nero bride, archer of shinjuku and drake. I have alter ego SR. And i have 83 Golden apple. Read Note
dokkanforlive plz give me a clash of clans for this dont scamm me plz ill give you this account for it Read Note
Vince Allen Miñon Hernandez β·Mission Exterminator #Wisdom Read Note
arturothegoat amy one have a clash of clans town hall 10,11, or 12 ill give you a whale dokkan for it Read Note
dblegends i want to trade this acc for a db legends account with son family Read Note
arturothegoat this is my good jp any one have a clash of clans account th11 or 10 ill give you this whale account for it Read Note
MaximumDxD #FeatureGame_3 HighSchool DxD Read Note
Jeff Arredondo Will trade legendary finish for transforming gogeta Read Note
Mai Top Contributor **Mainscreen Translation** Read Note
Hit Sumi Trade any???[為什麼] Read Note
dblegends trade for a legend acc with son family Read Note
Blade Jackson i sell my account playing for 4 years say your offer
i m open for any offers Read Note
Norrapan Siriarchasakun looking for trade XD Read Note
arvanID Mayanlah yah.. Read Note
J Gutierrez im looking for a dokkan battle acc wanna trade look below Read Note
Jonathan Wallace Anyone Read Note
reccarter can someone give me a free jp pls or i can trade a decent legends account or the naruto blazing Read Note
RaYnZz could someone give me an account? mine is bad Read Note
melis derveni Can I get a good legends for this? Lf goku Read Note
yellowand i want to trade for a jp account Read Note
Julia Zamprogno BRASILLLLLLLLL, ALGUÉM ? Read Note
Zelda Botw Trade for sabo/koala and other leg i dont give first. Read Note
fanboty0105 trade for legends acc Read Note
Pains Tenseigan looking for a good bbs account trading my bbs account

my discord is
Read Note
Kado Avakado Anyone wanna trade i have 1500 dragon stone acc Read Note


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