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“Recommend a Game” Rules

QooApp strives hard to provide a free anime game platform for our users to share and exchange their favorite anime games with one another. Whilst Mr. Qoo works hard to find great games to add to QooApp, we also welcome you to recommend games to add to QooApp!

Recommend a game here:

1. Console games and unauthorized paid games will have a game description page added for users to discuss about the game. Please visit the official website of these games to download them.
2. Before you recommend a game, please try to look for the game first using our search function to avoid duplications/
3. Please include the complete game name or provide a link to the game’s official website. Please refrain from using abbreviated versions of the game name.
4. Resist the urge to post unrelated posts on the “Recommend a Game” section. Unrelated posts will be deleted upon discovery.
5. If the game is already recommended by another user, leave a like to give the post more attention!

We will NOT Accept:
1. Games with explicit pornographic content
2. Ripped, Plagerized, and/or Unofficial/Unlicensed Games

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Mai **Guide for the Examation at the Shining Dressing College** Since I passed all of the exams already, I can't take the screenshots anymore (+ there are too many questions...). But I made a translation and answer key for the exam! Hope this helps! Q: 色彩應用題:色彩三原色是? A: 紅黃藍 Q: What are the 3 primary colors? A: Red, Yellow and Blue Q: 色彩應用題:哪種顏色最能刺激情緒? A: 紅色 Q: Which color can excite emotion the most? A: Red Q: 色彩應用題:黃色的對比色是? A: 紫色 Q: What is the contrasting color of Yellow? A: Purple Q: 選擇哪件連衣裙能大大增加典雅屬性? A: 詩意綻放 Q: Which onepiece can boost the “Elegance” largely? A: The Poetic Bloom Q: 幕不落劇團的團戰是誰? A: 秦衣 Q: Who is the captain of the Never Ending Troupe? A: Qin Yi Q: 奇蹟大陸有幾個國家? A: 7個 Q: How many countries are there in the Mirical Continent? A: 7 Q: 奇蹟大陸上哪個國家的風格最接近我們世界的現代時尚? A: 蘋果聯邦 Q: Which country has the most similar dressing style as our modern sociery? A: Apple Federal Q: 黃金分割是公認的最能引起美感的比例,具體比值是? A: 0.618 Q: What is the Golden Ration of beauty? A: 0.618 Q: 蘋果聯邦服裝的創始人是? A: 海哲 Q: Who is the founder of Apple Federal Clothing? A: Hai Zhe Q: 搭配比拼中,共有多少維度的屬性? A: 5個 Q: How many attributes are there in the Dressing Battle? A: 5 Q: 下面哪一個是設計師秦衣的設計? A: 鏡花水月 Q: Which of the following clothes is designed by Qin Yi? A: The Illustion Q: 秦衣在傾雲城第一次登台演出的雲端經典曲目叫? A: 故年清夢 Q: What is the name of the song that Qin Yi performed at Tieyuncheng? A: The Good Old Dream Q: 大喵最喜歡的禮物是? A: 五花肉 Q: What is Big Cat's favourite present? A: Pork belly Q: 原型學中,圓周率是最重要的數位之一。具體數值是? A: 3.14159 Q: What is the value of pie? A: 3.14159 Q: 新曆元年,暖暖來到奇蹟大陸時第一個到達的城市是? A: 花盈鎮 Q: What is the 1st city that Nikki arrived in the continent? A: The Flower Bloom City Q: 流影鎮的地標是? A: 流影大橋 Q: What is the landmark of the Flow Shadow City? A: The Flow Shadow Bridge Q: 設計師情報屋的創始人是? A: 薇薇安 Q: Who is the founder of the Designer Info House? A: Vivian Q: 以下哪個不是暖暖的拍照姿勢? A: 自信堂堂 Q: Which of the following is not the post when Nikki take a photo? A: Confident post Q: 以下幾位,誰沒有獲得過星羽天鵝冠軍? A: 洛昂 Q: Who of the following have not win the Star Feather Championship? A: Luo Ang Q: 最基礎的問題,搭配學院考試多少分算通過? A: 60分 Q: How many score do you need to pass this exam? A: 60 Q: 傳說中創造了設計師之影的最強搭配師是? A: 李爾里德 Q: Who is the legendary desginer that created the Designer Shadow? A: Lehrrid
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