Mr. Qoo Official QooApp Notes(48)

“Recommend a Game” Rules

QooApp strives hard to provide a free anime game platform for our users to share and exchange their favorite anime games with one another. Whilst Mr. Qoo works hard to find great games to add to QooApp, we also welcome you to recommend games to add to QooApp!

Recommend a game here:

1. Console games and unauthorized paid games will have a game description page added for users to discuss about the game. Please visit the official website of these games to download them.
2. Before you recommend a game, please try to look for the game first using our search function to avoid duplications/
3. Please include the complete game name or provide a link to the game’s official website. Please refrain from using abbreviated versions of the game name.
4. Resist the urge to post unrelated posts on the “Recommend a Game” section. Unrelated posts will be deleted upon discovery.
5. If the game is already recommended by another user, leave a like to give the post more attention!

We will NOT Accept:
1. Games with explicit pornographic content
2. Ripped, Plagerized, and/or Unofficial/Unlicensed Games

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