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Forum: Phone compatibility

hey this is something tht just been posted in the official Genshin Impact forum by a user named Hazzy. It's abt phone compatibilty (well as the title said,,)
To check: https://forums.mihoyo.com/genshin/article/15810

forums.mihoyo.com "How well can my phone run the game?" - Genshin Impact - Official Community This is a question that is asked very often, and I wanted to share here on this forum the information that's already available on the official Genshin Impact Reddit.As a genera...

anyway just click the link above to see the hardware chart to estimate the performance of mobile device in this game. It's not an official requirement from miHoYo as they have yet to announce it, but I think u can use this as a reference for preparing for the game? I hope it helps^^

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