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When Will This Get An Anime?

Mecha shojo = Perfect anime material!

Alice Gear Aigis is a action game with shoot em' up elements. Players control school girls who wear Alice Gear, which refers to mecha armors and weapons in this universe, to fight in a 3D battlefield. If you want a less complicated description, it's like controlling a Gundam but the girls themselves are the Gundam. 

Combat is the incredibly fun. Like a classic shoot em' up, players have to dodge a hell lot of bullets while at the same time manage to attack the enemies. The unique thing about it is that everything is made 3D! That means when you move, the entire camera angle changes as well. Another derivation from a classic shoot em' up that the game has is how players can switch between shooting and melee weapons. To balance the difficulties that come with these features, enemies are auto-locked. With such a dynamic battlefield and combat system, players can really engage in a battle and make good use of their gaming skills. 

Gameplay aside, the idea of mecha shojo is quite uncommon. Intense battles also make it a perfect anime material. When will  #Colopl and Pyramid finally hear their fans' prayers?

Leave a comment down here once you try out #AliceGearAigis !

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IT'S A SKIP FOR ME! If a game doesn't love your country don't love it back. I remember Fire Emblem Heroes back then it was Region Locked for 3 or 6 months they've unlocked it because the profit is low so if the west don't spend they'll be forced to release it at SEA but i highly doubt it because westerners tends to be a sucker for this kind of game. Perhaps, the reason they did this because SEA has the dense player based (making there servers overload) yet least profitable players cuz they know we're going to be F2P, minnows and not going to be a Whale. This is my own perspective because i don't spend money on gachas even if i wanted to because it's pricey (In my country) and can become an addiction. If this is a Hard Gacha (I mean games like FGO and Another Eden which is hard to level up and max a character.) where units even if they have low rarities, old 5* and free units (Also any unit can be a 5*.)are useful and the 5* is hard to get yet the powercreep is stable the only caveat is that they don't give premium currency that often. I would give this a chance cause those kinds of gachas tends to be good for the long run and it is rewarding if you're a longtime player. But, if this a Soft gacha (like FE:H, FFBE etc. where it is easy to maxed out a unit.) this would be a dangerous game to play cause those kind of games are very generous on premium currency at 1st then they tend to lower the rewards in the long run and make the powercreep steep like it would only need like a week or two sometimes days to powercreep and the old units are frickin useless. I would give it a hard pass believe me i played mkbile gachas for 6 yrs those kind of games are predatory. The only game that i see is very good at balancing the Soft and Hard part of a gacha is DRAGALIA LOST but i did stop too grindy to me. I'm still playing ANOTHER EDEN and FGO. Another tip for players who wants to play the games like this please don't spend unless you're planning to stay for months or a year that would be a a bad investment. Stay safe everyone i know there's still Pandemics in SEA.
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