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official global release is here! Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle - Apps on Google Play Reigen, Mob, and Dimple and the rest of the delinquent Mob Psycho 100 cast have arrived in their own, all-new mobile game! Explore the world of Seasoning City, battle with a team of delinquents and take on the most challenging villains from the Mob Psycho 100 universe. Play and interact with your favorite moments of the anime with animated cutscenes in crisp 3D graphics. Create your ultimate delinquent team with the entire cast of the Mob Psycho universe and take them into the battle in story events and PvP battles. The Ultimate Mob Psycho Experience - Play through fully animated cutscenes with the original voice over cast to live your favorite moments from the anime - Defend yourself in 5v5 team-building, fast-paced, turn-based battles - Explore the story and battle at school, abandoned houses, underground tunnels and other classic locations from the anime Become the Best Version of Yourself - Train, collect, and upgrade Mob Psycho characters to build the strongest troublemaking team. - Challenge yourself in limited time missions against the strongest delinquents of the Mob Psycho universe - Unleash characters’ own signature moves in rich 3D graphics ©ONE,Shogakukan/MobPsycho100 Project 2016 TERMS OF SERVICE: Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Notice before using our services as they govern the relationship between you and Crunchyroll.
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Notice of Maintenance • Date and Time • Friday, May 22 2020 13:00 ~ 18:00 JST GMT +9 * F/GO is now UP (18:00 JST) * Check your country/region time zone to see what time it is on your local time. * Time may change • App Update (As of 12:43 PM GMT +8 App Update is UP •Google Play (Android)[ver 2.13.0] • App Store (iOS) [ver 2.13.0] • Contents ▼ Bug fixes 1.Fixed a bug that the treasure tool production was not displayed properly when a specific servant used the treasure tool in the battle. * The target servants are as follows. ・ Emiya (Archer) 2.Fixed a bug that the camera may behave unintentionally when an enemy attacks after a special servant makes an extra attack in battle. * The target servants are as follows. ・ Oda Nobunaga (Berserker) 3.Fixed the bug that the icon showing the state effect may not be displayed normally when 10 or more state effects are added in the battle. 4.Fixed the problem that some UIs may not be displayed on the terminal screen. * This is a display issue only and will not affect the progress of the game. ▼ Game renovation 1. Modified so that all UIs can be hidden in My Room 2. Modified so that quest information can be confirmed on the party confirmation screen 3. Refurbished so that you can see at a glance the spot where the last free quest was executed 4. Various UI and graphic adjustment • Link for details on May 2020 QoL update • Note : The translation is a bit weird but still understandable. I'll try to fix it [汗顏] Since the wording would be different if I correct the defects on translation I'll add here some notes regarding on the bug fixes. • Treasure tool production - use of noble phantasm (NP) or similar. • Treasure Tool - Noble Phantasm • State effect - Skill Effect (ie : multiple buffs from skills) or State effect like the recently implemented new animation for debuff effects on either enemy NPC/support servant or personal servants on the field.
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