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[Poll] What Reasons Do You Have To Continue Playing Honkai Star Rail

Hi all, so The Question is simple, what reasons do you have to continue playing Honkai Star Rail?[為什麼]
I'm really curious. Unfortunately Qooapp can't limit the number of choices you make. So please  choose up to 3 only out of the 17, err, 16 choices I give. If you have Hoyolab account, you can participate in my post over there instead through this link

I'll be bumping this post every now and then. Poll will end at 25 September. Around 12 days should be fine right? 
Thanks for your participation (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦)

Your Reasons To Continue Playing Honkai Star Rail

Expiry Date: 2023-09-25 12:00 Select Multiple Total Votes: 137

  • [Ignore this one, this one's mine] Asta-chaaan - Just wanted to be with her~

  • Main Story - Interesting in the story of Trailblazing

  • Side Story - Interested in the many unique side stories

  • March 7th - Curious as to who she is. A secret villain? Elysia clone? Mutated primogem!?

  • Characters - There's a character that you want to get or look forward to

  • World Fusion - Want to know how Honkai Impact and Star Rail world joins/collides

  • Ting Yun - Is she stil aaaaalive? Is she just fantasy?

  • Companion Mission - There's a character that you wish to learn more

  • Exploration - Interested in what new world Mihoyo makes next

  • Activities - Just want to enjoy the fun activities...that is what a game is for...

  • Dunn - Will he finally get Serval? Will Gepard help him? Or will Lynx give him a medicine?

  • Swarm - I want to beat that FREAKING INSECT! IN TORTUROUS!

  • Stelaron Hunter - Interested in more lf their story

  • For him/her/it - Like me, only played because there's a character you really love

  • The Lore - Whoahoho, look at this sturdy spirited soul, good luck with those texts...

  • Nothing Else to Play - ...are you kidding me? Solitaire, pinball, space impact, loads of game!

  • Other - ...what else is there? Music? Go check Hoyomix...

Vote Ended

#honkaistarrail #mihoyo #poll #hoyoverse

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