Unrefined Seeker Notes(9)

So i seen alot of people being scammed on my time on qooapp.and it seems like it will keep happening.so ill give out a suggestion. i can be the communities middle man on trades. do i have proof i'm trusted? no but i did give my account away to a person here for nothing in return.the way ill do it is ill have both people send transfer codes to me at the same time,and i'll verify if the account is authentic. if it isn't then obviously the deal is off. now what if one person account is actually legit but the others not? ill send said person his/her new transfer code for their account back. if you all trust me i can promise you won't be let down. in the end it will be better than giving your account away with a 50% chance you will be scammed. if not me then at least get somebody to handle the deals that can be trusted so this can stop.if you guys are interested we can find a way to manage this together. for now i'll suggest you guys trust me with mediocre trades so i can build up yalls trust. this sounds dumb but it's better then being scammed.

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