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Elly Official QooApp Notes(1221)

👮‍♀️March Limited Tasks👮‍♀️Bring us the suspects and get Gacha Tickets!

Achoo!... I am detective Elly, we suspect the anime characters with pink hair are spreading Hay Fever germs, do you know anyone with pink hair color? 
Hand them in by posting a note with the #QooPointsBulletin , and claim your Gacha Ticket*10 bounty!

👇Gacha Tickets & Other Tasks👇

h5-events.qoo-app.com [March Limited Task] Romantic Gifts for White Day, tons of gacha tickets are waiting for you! - QooApp Anime Game Platform Is It Wrong to Try to Find a Significant Other in QooApp? You will have no trouble finding tons of Gacha tickets for sure ~ ❤️Portal To Your Significant Gacha❤️


As a full-time nerd, I think it's your duty to recognize these iconic lines!

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