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Notice: Real Money Trading (RMT) will no longer be tolerated -Post with RMT based content (buying, selling and trading) will no longer be allowed on QooApp. - This was implemented previously but not enforced due to there being no moderator. However, now that the mod team has been expanded we will be enforcing this policy more strictly. (Original policy post: - For more information about RMT and Terms of Service go here: - As explained by the FGO(JP) moderator, RMT is a violation of FGO's Terms of Service and QooApp does not encourage users to be involved with such activities. - Furthermore, due to the rise of cases involving users being scammed, QooApp is going to begin taking serious preventive measures to stop this from happening in the future. - These actions may include the removal of RMT based posts, warning users who post such content and the banning of users who repeatedly ignore warnings given. We will give a warning to users but reserve the right to conduct these actions without notice if we believe it to be necessary. - QooApp does not promote RMT and we actively discourage such activities. We cannot stop you from using external sites (ie: forums or social media) but we advise caution if users do so. - Please note QooApp is NOT LIABLE for any loss that users may incur if they partake in RMT. - We hope that this notice will discourage and discontinue this practice on QooApp. Again we will not be liable for any losses incurred and discourage RMT due to it violating FGO's Terms of Service and the likelihood of a user being scammed and losing their account.
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