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Higehiro OP & ED Funkot Remix, with Legal Anime Link. ✨[厲害]
#Rozakkun #Higehiro 
#Indonesian_Hardcore #Funkot #Funky_Kota

OP Omoide Shiritori.


drive.google.com Omoide Shiritori - Higehiro OP (Rozakkun Remix)【Funkot】.aac - Google Drive

ED Plastic Smile.


drive.google.com Plastic Smile - プラスチックスマイル - Higehiro ED (Rozakkun Remix)【Funkot】.aac - Google Drive

About Funkot and Breakot.🤔
Funky Kota (Funkot) or Indonesian Hardcore is one of Original EDM music genre from Indonesian. It's hybrid from "Funky House" and "Dangdut" Genres, with Hardcore Beat (Around 160 - 200 bpm). It's sound more like "Speed Breakbeat" rather than "Hardcore". The slow version "Funkot" is "Breakot".
Breakbeat Kota (Breakot) or Indonesian Breakbeat is Slow version of "Funkot" (Or I should say, "Funkot" is Speed version from "Breakot"). It beat is around 80 - 140 bpm. It's sound more like "Ordinary Breakbeat", with special Percussion (Like Tambourine, Wood Click, Cow Bell, Funky Bass and Chords).
Breakot more popular rather than Funkot (Due high bpm, some Indonesian people doesn't like it).

Legal Anime Link :
English Sub.

youtube.com Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway [English Sub] Yoshida is an ordinary guy who was rejected hard by the woman he’d spent the last 5 years having a crush on. On his way home after getting drunk at a bar, he...

Indonesian Sub.

youtube.com HIGEHIRO: Kucukur Janggut, Siswi SMA Kupungut [Takarir Indonesia] ⏰ Jadwal Tayang: Senin, 22:00 WIB 📄 Genre: Romansa, Drama 🎬 Studio: Project No.9 Seorang pegawai kantor biasa berusia 26 tahun bernama Yoshida sedang dalam p...
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