Shogun Tanuki Notes(124)

"Rank Idol" is something that until a few minutes I didnt knew how exactly works (and I bet some of you were still wondering "why the hell this guy isnt ranking up?") so here is the thing, first you go to the profile of all the teams and pick the character you want to rank up
Then you go to "Idol Skill" (here you can see all the stats of the character)

now you need to sum the total level of all the stats and the final result will be the current level of your "Idol Rank", you need to reach certain amount of points with all the stats to rank up

here you can see the total points for each Idol Rank, my Touya current points are 241 (need a few more points to rank to lvl3)

hope this help you understand the game more and make it more enjoyable (Im working in a few more guides for this game)

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