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My 12 Favorite Songs!!

#My12FavSongs #Anisong2021 #Challenge
I got nominated by @AlubisKun to do this challenge! The songs I chose are either anime openings or atleast by anime voice actors! There were so many songs to choose from so it was abit of a struggle to narrow it down to 12. Had fun though [微笑]

1. Deal With by OldCodex

youtu.be Servamp Opening - YouTube Servamp Opening 1080pfull HD

2. Trash Candy by Granrodeo

youtu.be OP - Bungo Stray Dogs - YouTube Song: Trash CandyArtist: GranrodeoFor more of the latest anime series news, connect with us at:Website: http://www.aniplus-asia.com Facebook: https://www.fac...

3. Signal by Tk From Ling Toshite Sigure

youtu.be 91 Days - Opening | Signal - YouTube Artist: TKSong: SignalWatch 91 DAYS on Crunchyroll for FREE: https://got.cr/Watch-91DaysCrunchyroll Collection brings you the latest clips, OPs, and more fro...

4. Zoetrope by Nagi Yanagi

youtu.be ▞ HD ▚ Amnesia Opening 1 : [Zoetrope ~ Yanagi Nagi] - YouTube De retour avec le générique du nouvel anime Amnesia ! Bonne dégustation !

5. Chronos by Stereo Dive Foundation

youtu.be Food Wars! The Fourth Plate - Opening (HD) - YouTube Food Wars! The Fourth Plate – Opening : Chronos by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION👉 Animé : Food Wars! The Fourth Plate📺 Où regarder : https://got.cr/2MyKtWbSôma Yu...

6. Gurenge by Lisa

youtu.be Demon slayer op (look in desc) - YouTube I do not own this so pls do not copyright

7. Lunar Maria by Daisuke Ono

youtu.be Daisuke Ono - Lunar Maria | 小野大輔 - Lunar Maria - YouTube 6th Single. Release Date 2012.09.26

8. One Chance by Hiro Shimono

youtu.be 【期間限定 Full】下野 紘「ONE CHANCE」Music Video - YouTube 8月19日(水)、下野紘初の1stアルバム「WE GO!」のリリースを記念して、2nd Single 「ONE CHANCE」のMusic Videoを期間限定で公開!下野紘1stアルバム「WE GO!」収録「ONE CHANCE」各種配信サイトで先行配信中!https://lnk.to/_WEGO■下野紘1st...

9. Zero to Infinity by Mamoru Miyano

youtu.be 宮野真守「ZERO to INFINITY」MUSIC VIDEO - YouTube 宮野真守、2020.12.9 release20th SINGLE「ZERO to INFINITY」YouTubeウルトラマン公式チャンネル配信作品『ウルトラギャラクシーファイト 大いなる陰謀』 主題歌楽曲先行配信中!詳しくはコチラhttps://lnk.to/ZEROtoINFINITY『ウルトラギャラクシー...

10. Magnet covered by Toriumi Kousuke & Kensho Ono

youtu.be Magnet [MMD Genshin Impact] English CC - YouTube I kept telling myself no, no, don't ship them. bad. But then i found this cover sung by Kosuke Toriumi (Keaya's JP VA) and Kensho Ono (Diluc's JPVA) i finall...

11. Lost One's Weeping covered by KENN

youtu.be Lost one's weeping - VA : KENN - YouTube

12. Last Heaven from King of Fighters For Girls

youtu.be KOFG - Billy Kane, Nagi, Yomi - Last Heaven [ENG/ESP/PT/Romaji] - YouTube Title: Last HeavenAlbum: KOF for Girls Battle Song AlbumVocals: Billy Kane (Haruki Ishiya), Nagi (Daisuke Hirakawa), Yomi (Makoto Furukawa), Lyrics: 石川絵里Musi...
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