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veigar can't play every time i open party or go in a quest the game says : HTTP error.Server 500 and forces me to go back to homescreen
Read Note
LordBuyan anyone know what it means??? Read Note
Idk Whatever Please help I don't know how to get the P thingies so if anyone can tell me how that will be much appreciated! :) Read Note
cross✗ that might sound stupid but how does trading on this platform work? I've been seeing a lot of people saying "trade me" and stuff, I'm new to this and I'd appreciate it if someone explained to me how exactly it works Read Note
Pagar Iot
Zergo 008 Trading beast 22 lr Account for dragon ball legends Account i can proove this Account is Mine by changing name Read Note
Zergo 008 Trading 22 lr global (summonable) 12 f2p trading for dragon ball legends (must be good)
I can proove Account is Mine by changing name Read Note
Remeul Domer i hope this game dont have human verification Read Note
Fiqih Teja apa ini udah versi terbaru? tapi lihat di yt udah ada v1.2.10 Read Note
shiro khor selling account usd20 each. paypal transaction only
pls pm me which 1 you want.
每個20美金首抽。 要的pm。只限 paypal. Read Note
_kukuru "haha look at this dumbass" Read Note
Jonathan Wallace Omega stack for this Read Note
NecoArc Calibur agreguen envío Vidas :'D [懵懂] Read Note
Patrick Star fast fast...!!!
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Niyuki when are they going to relase it they have been taking a long time to put up pre eg and pre reg has been out for a vwry long time. mst games are pre reg just for the 2 months before they come out with the game. Read Note
Reid Siew 可以放个隐藏战斗力相差警告的按键吗,我每次过活动都要按一次很麻烦。 Read Note
Niyuki collecting friends with fun and abnormal names because im odd and i like it that way. if there others let me know my name there is TigerlilyOfKai
ID: 3943993458747
feel free to add me 💕🤣😘 Read Note
Nakura Nakula gju0fe Read Note
arssjy Still no news I see (┬_┬) Read Note
Disco Lee When is the official release date for this app?
It's almost end of the year of 2019.. Read Note
Kurenai Shiki don't mess with saber's food [開心] Read Note
Eviluess Fansy 没有sega online麻将好玩 Read Note
Jeremy O'Cain wanna trade for globe or jp with close or same amount of lrs particularly broly or go bros Read Note
Jc Bright And so..... After trying to change my Day Routine to match with my schedule..... My supposedly 9th day with TEO where I should have comforted him...... was already finished without engaging in any chats with him 。゚(*´□`)゚。
Why a glitch now out of all times..... (¯―¯٥) Read Note
Luke Jackson Hey, I'm having trouble updating the app. Could I have some help? Read Note
Rusty Roll nice Read Note
Eng YeowLim hi i need invite code. tq Read Note
Brendo Lucas Valente what i can do here? Read Note
WhiteDevilsea can't download this app after downloading files Read Note
Premium Membership trading looking for a jp with lr goboros Read Note
Jeremy O'Cain trade for lr teq broly and lr go bros global account Read Note
RnbwNinja ill trade good dokkan (even ones with bunch of dragon stones) for a legends account with the ssgss kaioken goku and possibly goku black on the same account. add if you want to see the accounts. Read Note
ชีวิตที่เหลือ เพื่อลูก ปรับปรุงระบบ แอดเพื่อน ของเกมส์ ด่วน! ส่วนตัวผมคิดว่ามันยุ่งยาก ต้องมาใส่ ID ทีละคนๆ คือจะให้มีเฉพาะเพื่อนสนิดรึยังไงครับผม? เข้าใจว่า SRW ยุค ก่อนๆ เล่นคนเดียว แต่ สำหรับยุคนี้ เห็นผู้พัฒนาใส่ คำสั่ง #เพื่อน เข้ามาในระบบ เข้าใจว่าผู้พัฒนาต้องการให้มี #เพื่อน? แล้วทำไม? การแอดเพื่อน ถึงยุ่งยาก แบบนั้น ขอรับ! 😅 Read Note
Blackout Nub Could someone help me, every time my energy gets down to 40 I can't do special missions that consume 25. Read Note
TheCarlitoz yo creo que mi celular ni va a poder con el juego por como es, pero tengo fe Read Note
Marcus Lowe anyone have good dokkan jp account who wants to trade Read Note
Nef The Butcher Of Idiocy love this game Read Note


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