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Hai_lu so um ,how do you save your data Read Note
dark fox
dark fox cái sao cuối lấy như nào à ??
how to get that final star ??[為什麼][為什麼][為什麼][為什麼] Read Note
Neppuru® SH
Neppuru® SH huee~ app error after update [憋屈] Read Note
Danielle Vaan
Danielle Vaan Final size? Read Note
Aliffarel hemm Read Note
Lecow Nyaaaaa :3 Read Note
Shogun Tanuki
Shogun Tanuki finally beated the final boss of story mode, now time to wait for more chapters Read Note
ryu ban
ryu ban cant update the apk it says invalid apk isanyone having same problems? Read Note
مصطفى حقي الرمانه الرمانه
مصطفى حقي الرمانه الرمانه واو اعبه حلوخ Read Note
燒賣皇 120 summons.... Read Note
Terrible Dream
Terrible Dream after authorization black screen. tell me what to do Read Note
Miku Vacalloid
Miku Vacalloid meet me Read Note
Axsel Francisco
Axsel Francisco this are have a bug.. please fix it.. because many times i download.... Read Note
Agize Kris
Agize Kris Mau nany bro awakning hero baru bisa lvl brpa Read Note
venkatesh kodam
venkatesh kodam [no] Read Note
Danh Vo
Danh Vo wat can't l go and hope to see if l can take the 10-star list Read Note
Esparta 05
Esparta 05 lol good game Read Note
Dio Wisnu
Dio Wisnu I have used this-year's-gacha luck. I got no embers tho. F Read Note
Hafiz Mohd Hazli
Hafiz Mohd Hazli waiting new update. what event will come? Read Note
Elstein alguien me dice el porque no carga, se queda en pantalla negra? Read Note
KasumiKaren crap I Not Yet Finish Upgrade And I Mess Up My Almost Max Star Card Read Note
KasumiKaren Green Heart But I Don Have Enough Gem/Share Crystal Read Note
LelaOkamisanKurayami ok so i need help is there a link i can send to someone important to me for an IPhone/iOS apk of QooApp or is there not one? if there is could somebody me the link? i want to play Magatsu Wahrheit with them and this is the only way i know we could play it together Read Note
Denilson Lino Barros
Denilson Lino Barros Nice game[色色][色色]
Read Note
KimTTKiiNohMoon ja fazem quase 84 anos que espero o lançamento deste jogo 🙆 Read Note
venkatesh kodam
venkatesh kodam pubg lover Read Note
BloodKingTH [暈][暈][哇噻][哇噻] Read Note
Vishnu Yella
Vishnu Yella super pubg Read Note
Apiwan Temilsiri
Apiwan Temilsiri คืออยากทราบมากค่ะว่าการ์ดน้องเมโมรุนระดับ P ที่ไม่ใช่ของ Sparkle Time กับ Seventh Haven หาได้จากไหนหรอคะ อยากได้น้องมากค่ะ // ขอบคุณล่วงหน้านะคะ Read Note
かむいとうや Where can I get daily codes?
And anyone reach lv.30? Pls give me an invite code! Thanks
Arigatou gozaimasu Read Note
Niko Las
Niko Las okay.. you need to change your device to play this game.. each time they update and error 160 occur.. congrats if you dont have this error.. Read Note
يوسف صابر
يوسف صابر لماذا PUBG MOBIL لا تشتغل Read Note
Badarudin Sauqi
Badarudin Sauqi
Es broma
Es broma disculpen, si hay alguien que me pueda decir, por que no puedo entrar al juego. Pongo para ingresar a la cuenta y solo se queda en negro. Que pasa Read Note
saos tiram
saos tiram open guild [不滿][不滿][不滿][不滿] Read Note
LostxMiku 1 down 2 more to go, feel free to add me if you want to Read Note
Axsel Francisco
Axsel Francisco bug!!! Read Note
Axsel Francisco
Axsel Francisco i can not play may game...i try to update my game but now not work...why!! not work...and the EN version to are not work...many times i download not work... Read Note
Rifqi Irfansyah
Rifqi Irfansyah how to clear the 1st mission, help please TwT Read Note
EvilHa0 new english guild COMMANDOS is recruiting players. join us KR server
Read Note


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