Aceeddd guys how to switch gameplay(like i want to walk around and punch people) Read Note
Sandi Yuse
Sandi Yuse kok dua kali ya donload nyaa😢😢😢 Read Note
Dastyn Juan
Dastyn Juan we finally get a Japanese VA ,yes ! Read Note
Sandi Yuse
Sandi Yuse lama bangttt Read Note
Pottasium something Read Note
です。Alicia omg i still waiting than more 2 mounth and now :3[大哭][色色][色色][色色] Read Note
andro newBie
andro newBie gua kesini karena PUBG Global bug nya makin menggila anjing lah.. Read Note
Wendi Ahmad
Wendi Ahmad kok gk bisa raid bosqu Read Note
اي اي
اي اي صارله يومين يحمل شهالمضرطه Read Note
神坑 #ClassRep
Rem forever!!! Read Note
moonchild. RETURN OLD DESIGN :((( Read Note
Rizki Fadilah
Rizki Fadilah harus pake vpn cuk ? Read Note
Mad Crownner
Mad Crownner Finally awaken my first ssr!! [色色][色色] Read Note
Rizki Fadilah
Rizki Fadilah harus pake vpn bro? Read Note
GoddessYae Join us on Overhit Global Discord:
Official Facebook:
Facebook Group: Read Note
Imalshi Kaluwitharana
Imalshi Kaluwitharana after the update the background music has become annoying to me, it looks like a TV game from 90's and it's distracting with the good perfect s.perfect flashing in front of your eyes when playing. and it always lags in the beginning of the songs. please please change it back 😢😢😢😢 Read Note
45Rabbit🐰 I think MTC is the weirdest group

What you have a cop, a yakuza and a former naval officer in your group? Read Note
Michael Witomo
Michael Witomo why i got black screen in the main menu and when there a movie? Read Note
45Rabbit🐰 I live for Jyuto and BL Read Note
Q User21273392
Q User21273392 Je Read Note
Invel Yura
Invel Yura how much size this game!? Read Note
Septyan Permana Putra
Septyan Permana Putra ...not available in your country... Good luck then Read Note
Stefanie Barbara
Stefanie Barbara ni gimana dong bantuin caranya gimana Read Note
Septyan Permana Putra
Septyan Permana Putra Hmmm...8/10. it's look like im unlucky with factory so far just got one 5 * girl . show up, the game self can eat space almost 2 gb after all download data and the Voice. must pay to quick open lock, not very generous with gems, if you F2P player u must think carefully to buy an item in store. story line doesn't have choice chat like star ocean anamnesis. fortunately u as captain for the girls but without closer interaction . Read Note
ArijGelo otw global ajalahh[發火][發火] Read Note
ROBERT.E.O SPEEDWAGON Try to get one of these
Best leader Skill right now Read Note
Clinton Teeja Saputra
Clinton Teeja Saputra Anyone can tell me how to clear this? Read Note
Mustafa Bıçak
Mustafa Bıçak ilk once vpn ile giris yapin [發怒] Read Note
1439361 Bitard
Read Note
Latif Hanifudin
Latif Hanifudin kok g bisa di update sih Read Note
ExelBlaze #ClassRep it's non other than our Dynamite girl Read Note
Klara Boyn
Klara Boyn How do I change the language to English? Read Note
ArijGelo bantuany kenapa ga bisa kebuka padahal udah selei download
u Read Note
Jordan Syauqi
Jordan Syauqi is it no gacha?
then what the diamond do? Read Note
Marsha Arestha
Marsha Arestha update auto skill + combo please.. my finger tired this game manual skill + combo -_- Read Note
kiara. tale
kiara. tale What are the quests?? Read Note


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