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Cherry Klee (Genshin Impact) Happy Monday ❤ Read Note
Fr4nnu_IDV question Does anyone know when the NewD anniversary starts?  Read Note
Acidphaze D4DJ Groovy Mix gameplay Here is an 80s themed melody live. Read Note
shafiq affendi why we get this guys
Reality Items Artist originals-daily chapter Finally got one SR[賣萌] Read Note
Kurenai Shiki 2nd maxed fou servant[開心] Read Note
Kelvin Cheng Ohh XD
Vy Vy This is a bug, right? I reset the game and play again, then this bug appeared. I can't watch Ads, receive and do anything when I click on 'Butler'. I uninstall and download game again but It can't be fixed. 
I think I will delete this game and wait for you to fix it
Read Note
วิทยา ฯ.
NekoWaifu Aoi Asahina (Anime: Danganronpa: tigger Happy Havoc) Read Note
employ This shit is so annoying
NekoWaifu Celestia ludenberg (Anime: Danganronpa: Tigger Happy Havoc) Read Note
NekoWaifu Makoto Kikuchi (Anime: The IdolM@ster) Read Note
NekoWaifu Kirari Morobshi (Anime: The IdolM@ster: Cinderella Girls) Read Note
DeviYuma trade for better one? Global!!
NekoWaifu Nijino Yume (Anime: Aikatsu Stars!) Read Note
NekoWaifu Dia Kurosawa (Anime: Love Live! Sunshine!) Read Note
Acselax Artez Randomizer ほっぺ | れいなま #pixiv Read Note
NekoWaifu Cardcaptor Sakura
Noks Frame Drop Issues (MI 10T PRO) I've tested this on games like LLSIF, SIFAS, Genshin Impact, and COD and I noticed no stutters at all. Maybe its because of the adaptive refresh rate? It keeps changing to 60hz to 144hz on the menu too. 
SD 865 8GB RAM 
Read Note
Acselax Artez Helltaker
无题 | 小手先生、 #pixiv
Read Note
Acselax Artez Randomz same artist
チラッ | まめ猫 #pixiv
Read Note
Acselax Artez Sharky GawrGura - HololiveEN (Vtuber)
サメちゃん | イコモチ #pixiv
Read Note
Acselax Artez Erika Itsumi - Girls and Panzer
お尻あわせ | イコモチ #pixiv
Read Note
Acselax Artez Swimsuit 水泳部JK | イコモチ #pixiv Read Note
Acselax Artez Random 【お仕事】アイキス2 ゲストイラスト | Re岳 #pixiv Read Note
Acselax Artez JK Black 真面目JKちゃん | Re岳 #pixiv Read Note
Is Lancer dead again? [From Chaldea PR Dep't] The "Dancing Flame Raids" have concluded in the Ltd. Time Event "The Land of Mystique, Oniland! The Great Oni and the Kamuy's Gold"! Challenge the "Final Battle" to defeat the enemy once and for all! #FateGOUSA Read Note
Acselax Artez JK blonde ギャルJKちゃん | Re岳 #pixiv Read Note
Umutcan Timurtaş indiriyoruz bakalım Read Note
STarz-Indra Neet Boku no Pico Academia TOGA HIMIKO
sweet but Psycho[汗顏]
Read Note
ugur kurt
PikaPika Sample sync grid: Hilbert (Fall 2020) & Mightyena!
One tile powers up moves the more a target’s Defense has been lowered, and another powers up moves the more the user’s Speed has been raised!
There’s also a tile that reduces recoil damage from moves like Double-Edge!
Read Note
Chunky #Anime_Day_2020
I would recommend you black bullet, its a short but good series
Read Note
Rise of Cultured Enjoy 😬 Been pretty busy with work lately hope y'all have patience Read Note
NekoWaifu Laala Manaka
cherep cherepok


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