Thomas Van den Eynde
Thomas Van den Eynde please support european valuta. Read Note
Hanazono 😊 Read Note
カオス Creepy
カオス Creepy ( ・ิω・ิ)( ・ิω・ิ)( ・ิω・ิ) Read Note
Thandile Tyron
Thandile Tyron Anime is gold if I can say so myself! Read Note
Eslam Alsharaoe
Eslam Alsharaoe . Read Note
Ade Hilman
Ade Hilman kapan rilis nya bro lama banget[發怒] Read Note
🍰soco🍡hime🍨 cool game so far they gave me a bunch a gifts right away its only a bit different then the global vr but seems they care more about their players then money also more options in characters designs but assassin class isnt out yet but overall if you're in it for the benefits Japanese servers are normally more generous very good game Read Note
Jared and Bianca Tracy
Jared and Bianca Tracy three days now what the heck Read Note
Cool, literally no reason for me to even bother with it. Read Note
Hyro One of the few good things about this game is that is relatively easy to reroll Read Note
roman der
roman der HYPE HYPE HYPE[鬼臉][哇噻][鬼臉][哇噻] Read Note
Margo Lakmuss
Margo Lakmuss
iturboi amazing games Read Note
Lemniscata RRRRUSSSSIA EPTABLYA _(:3 」∠ )_ Read Note
Fred Daimond
Fred Daimond I liked this game, different from epic seven where I heard a lot of advertising and then disappointed me, I expected less than it really is, I was happy. I just want to know how to evolve beyond the 6 stars. Read Note
RumiHuss imma post it tomorrow Read Note
AhmedIqbalAfif I wish to experience everything in app have to offer [微笑][怪笑] Read Note
Kylie Boisseranc
Kylie Boisseranc Can anyone help me out? I closed out the game and opened it two minutes later to find my save data entirely gone for no obvious reason. Read Note
SenseItatshi sense Read Note
Alfath Riski
Alfath Riski my party Read Note
Banana Laconchadetuhermana
Banana Laconchadetuhermana adregen a yuno de black cloverrrrr

suscribete al demente Read Note
Jack the ripper
Jack the ripper not working after update[發火][發怒] Read Note
skyーkいngッ end me [發火][發火][發火] Read Note
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee are we there yet?[不滿][不滿] Read Note
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia who more have the "verification error" or "validation error" when try to log in? Read Note
CedSum dmc
CedSum dmc [憋屈][憋屈] Read Note
Arvosch Swatchzeneger
Arvosch Swatchzeneger this should be English or Japanese? Read Note
Lucas Albinati Guimaraes
Lucas Albinati Guimaraes That is it! The Perfect reroll....i am kinda proud Read Note
Wiwid Ihsanudin Prayoga
Wiwid Ihsanudin Prayoga this game not supported root devices? i try to install this game again and get not authorized notification pop up when downloading game data Read Note
AhabOceanMan so are players able to send each heart, gems and messages? Read Note


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